JUL 2019 | SG Global 2020 Launch + Summer/Winter Parties + Meetup Updates

Important Topics In This Newsletter

#GlobalLaunch - Launching Global Conference 2020
#JulySummerWinterParty - July is Party Time!
#SGEuropeRecap - Wrap Up + Pictures and Videos
#SocialMediaDeets - Do we have your Chapters social media details?
#ChapterAgreements - Signing Director agreements
#DashboardCleanUp - Is your dashboard up to date?
#NextOfficeHours - Join our monthly office hours call
#MeetupGroups - Updates on Meetup changes
#LevelUp - Tips & Tricks to help your chapter Excel

SGu University of Abomey-Calavi in Benin Republic hosted their first event at the end of June! Congratulations team, we can’t wait to see your Chapter grow!

July, our mid year mark and the month of Summer/Winter parties! Coming off of the SG Europe conference in June, the start of July has seen fun parties and great summer/winter celebrations. And, in even bigger news, the middle of July is also our launch for Global 2020! That, and more, in store for you in this month’s Director Newsletter.

You can also find ALL past newsletters here: help.startupgrind.com/category/465-2019---newsletters


Global 2020 is officially live! Tickets are on sale now! Use this link: https://www.startupgrind.com/conference/tickets/#/

While we are still busy finalizing everything to make the 10th SG Global the BEST EVER, we do have these details for you:

Global + Directors Summit: February 11-15, 2020

And, as usual, we have tickets specifically reserved for you and rockstar members of your community! These tickets include the following:

Director + Co-Director: 2 tickets per Chapter.

SGFriends: 5 comp tickets per Chapter - personal invite only

Ticket giveaway: up to 10 tickets for your Chapter. Please send an email to ford@startupgrind.com to receive your exclusive giveaway code.  Use the tickets as a way to promote your upcoming events, by running competitions at your local events leading up to the conference.

Keep an eye on https://global.startupgrind.com to see new information regarding directors summit as it becomes available. Start planning now because you don’t want to miss this! 


July is here and we can’t wait to get together and party it up a little. Parties give you a chance to bring your entire community together to celebrate your ecosystem. Be sure to share your party photos on #humble-brag, we can’t wait to see how your community likes to party!

Check out this awesome party event that was already held this month!

Chengdu hosted a panel discussion about “The Wishful Thinking and Reality of Startup Life - Where’s the Sweet Spot?” with some of the regions top entrepreneurs hosted by Violet Chen and Fabien Martin. #APAC

Graphics for both Winter AND Summer Parties are found in these templates that you can access HERE (While logged into SG Email Account)


One last plug for those who attended SG Europe, thank you for joining us! If you missed any of the sessions you can find the recordings over at https://www.youtube.com/user/StartupGrind/videos. Be sure to check out the pictures here from the legendary DINO DINO DINO! http://bit.ly/2IMshGA. We really enjoyed seeing all of our old friends and meeting new ones at both Directors Day and the Directors Pub Crawl afterwards. If you have any great pictures from the event, make sure to post them on #sg-europe on slack.


If you’ve created new SG social media accounts for your Chapter, please send us the username and password at ford@startupgrind.com. We will be requesting access to all of your Facebook pages over the coming months. Make sure to accept those requests as they come in.


As we’ve mentioned in office hours, we have been hard at work on new Chapter Agreements and they will be sent out soon. These agreements will help us make sure all Chapters are aligned and following the same standard. Chapter Directors will be notified when they’re sent out and we would love for you to promptly review and sign them for us. If you have questions about the agreement please email ford@startupgrind.com and we are happy to discuss it with you!


Is your Chapter information up-to-date on the Dashboard? Keeping your sponsors, partners, team members, upcoming events, and general information cleaned up and organized helps potential members learn more about your Chapter and helps our team keep up with your successes! Please be sure to remove outdated sponsors/partners from your page. 


The dates and times for the next Office Hours should be in your startupgrind.com Google Calendars. You are welcome to join any office hours you like. For your convenience we’ve broken down the times across regional timezones. They are for your reference:


Host: Madeline + Jess

Date: Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Time: Tue, 6PM SAST | Tue, 1PM EST | Wed, 10:30PM IST  | Tue, 6PM CEST

Format: Video Conference | Zoom Video Call ( https://startupgrind.zoom.us/j/3486534192)

CLICK HERE to add to calendar


Host: Phin, Bruce & Daniel

Date: Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Time: Wed, 4PM SAST |  Wed, 10AM EST | Wed, 10PM HKT | Wed, 4PM CEST

Format: Video Conference | Zoom Video Call ( https://startupgrind.zoom.us/s/7935358786)

CLICK HERE to add to calendar


Host: Farheen

Date: Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Time: Wed 6:30AM SAST |  Wed, 12:30AM EST | Wed, 12:30PM HKT | Wed, 6:30AM CEST

Format: Video Conference | Zoom Video Call ( https://startupgrind.zoom.us/j/9909114490)

CLICK HERE to add to calendar


As mentioned on Slack a few weeks ago, Bevy has officially partnered with Meetup (more info here: https://www.bevylabs.com/meetup/), and as such, Startup Grind will be moving from individual Meetup Groups to a single Meetup Pro Account: https://www.meetup.com/pro/startupgrind. Due to the high costs involved, we’ve decided to keep Meetup Groups for only the largest, most active SG Classic Chapters in our Community, and will be shutting the rest of the Meetup Groups down. You will be notified by email If your Meetup Group is scheduled to be shutdown. If you wish to keep your Meetup Group please respond to that email and let us know, we can transfer ownership of the Group over to you, and you can keep it going at your own expense.


This months #LevelUp your Chapter comes courtesy of the Jacksonville team, led by Therese Gamble. Recently relaunched, the Jacksonville Chapter is taking marketing approaches beyond email newsletters and event updates. To advertise their summer party, the Jacksonville team shared a brief promotional video detailing the upcoming event. If you haven’t seen it on the director Facebook page, check it out here. A short promotional video (even 30-60 seconds) could be a great way to engage your community beyond a plain text email. Try it out!


G, Phin, Bruce, Farheen, Madeline, Daniel, Jessica