#Speakers Slack Channel

This is the #SPEAKER channel, which is found in the directors slack group. It is dedicated to helping you find speakers!

If you click on that link, and unable to access it, please contact ford@startupgrind.com

Firstly, how do speakers get onto list?

Speakers can apply to be speaker at our Global Conferences, Regional Conferences, but also for Local Events. To apply, speakers simply fill in the form found here: https://www.startupgrind.com/speak/

It's also a link under the Main Navigation Bar on startupgrind.com

image link: http://screenshot.startupgrind.com/096110d4b6e9

Tip 1 - Using this resource

In the channel, as speakers come in, they are added to this slack channel as well as to an Airtable list.

At the bottom of each speaker, there is a LINK to the airtable list, that will help you find speakers for your area.

On mobile phones, you simply see a list - but on your laptop (or large tablet) you should be able to see "Filter", "Group" & "Sort" - using these buttons, you can Filter out speakers so that you only see speakers in your city/country - or group them in regions, or sort the speakers alphabetically, or based on location.

How do I get in contact with Speakers?

Please email ford@startupgrind.com and we'll send over the contact details

- be sure to check out THESE RESOURCES before reaching out to the speakers.

Tip 2 - Get notified when speaker in your region! - Become a Power User

Become a power user in slack and get notified when speakers in your city and country are added to the list, without having to read the list every day.

1. Go to Slack, then click on the slack groups name (in this case, Startup Grind) - on the top left

2. Click on Preferences

3. Scroll down to "My Keywords"

4. Type in your city, as well as your country and separate it with a comma (",")

5. Close this page (click the "X" on top right)

From this point onwards, should your city, or country be mentioned in the #speaker channel, you'll be notified :)