SEP 2019 | #CohortLiftOff + WorkshopMonth + ThankYouDavidAndPete

Important Topics In This Newsletter

#PartyRecap - A Recap of our parties over the past few months #StartupProgramOpportunity - The Startup Program needs your help!
#WorkshopMonth - Sept 2019 - Tips & Tricks + Art Assets #NewDirectorCohortLiftOff - Cohort 1 is about to start this month     
#Product+EngineeringMonth - Oct 2019- Art Assets #BevyPay - Changes to the way Bevy charges  
#ThankYouDavidAndPete - Goodbye for now #RegionalConferences - Our upcoming regional conferences in 2019  
#APACConferenceXStartupProgram - A Startup Program opportunity in APAC #NextOfficeHours - Join us for the next Office Hours  
#LevelUp - Level Up your Chapter!


...and just like that it’s September! We have a jam packed Directors Newsletter for you this month including details about our Workshop Month, Heroku Product + Engineering Month, H2-2019 Cohort launch, opportunities from the Startup Program and lots lots more. 

Our Director Newsletters are a great way to stay up-to-date with what is happening in our community, so be sure to read through it all and save for future reference :). 


A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who hosted an amazing party over the last few months. Check out below for some amazing pictures from our communities parties!

#WorkshopMonth - Sept 2019

For the month of September we encourage you to switch things up a bit and host a workshop. Looking for some tips & tricks on how to host a successful workshop? Check out this article.

Some great art assets for workshops (and other event types) can be found here

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#Product+EngineeringMonth - Oct 2019

This year at Startup Grind we're focused on educating not just startup founders, but startup teams as well. We're thrilled to partner with Heroku for Product + Engineering month in October where we’ll be supporting the technical side of startup teams around the world. Heroku is a platform-as-a-service that enables developers to build, run and operate applications entirely in the cloud. Please join us by featuring a speaker in October that reflects this theme, e.g. a CTO or Head of Product or Engineering. 

Art Assets are available, you simply go to your Google Slides Templates (make sure you are logged into your Startup Grind Email Account)



Every now and then the time comes where we part ways with some of our amazing directors. 

David first sponsored Startup Grind Global Conference - loved is so much, he became a director! Having hosted events since 2014, took over flagship chapter in Europe and has done amazing things with Startup Grind in Dublin since then with Aislinn (Co-Director) building the community. He has decided to step down as director this month which paves the way for an amazing new director to join us there. We have been inundated with applications to take over the chapter. We are pleased to announce Richard Forde will be joining us as the new Dublin director in our cohort this month. It’s a great testament to their work there that so many people are willing to step up and fill the role. Thank you David and Ais!

Pete Biggam joined us back in 2014 and has a slew of startups under his belt. He travelled the world working with other Chapter Directors and if you want to know anything about Bitcoin or Blockchain or Infosec - he’s your guy! Pete will be moving on to focus on consulting for startups and building his own startup Blacksite, which focuses on cyber security for startups.

Goodbye for now and we hope to see you both at Global 2020!


The Startup Program needs your help!

The Startup Team would love the help of our Directors to source great startups for the Startup Program - whether that’s via a delegation of startups, or via individual applications.

What’s a delegation? This is where an organisation sponsors a group of startups to exhibit at the conference - this can range from as few as 3 startups to 20+! You may remember the likes of InnovX, Enterprise Greece, Georgia Innovation & Tech, Flywheel (and others) who have brought Startup Delegations in the past - we’re looking for similar organisations from across the world to sponsor delegations in the same way.

Individual startup referrals are also greatly appreciated - if you know of any great startup who would benefit from exhibiting to our Global community, encourage them to apply and state your name as the referrer, and they’ll receive a discount!


Longstanding Chapter Director David Butler (Zurich, Switzerland) with new Chapter Director Yingzi Yuan (H2-2019 Cohort) who will be launching our Paris, France Chapter, randomly met at the World XR Forum in Crans-Montana Switzerland

We’re excited to welcome over 100 new Chapter Directors on our H2-2019 Cohort. The move to a cohort model for new Chapter Directors is a radical move for us. It marks our next level of growth as a community. The Cohort will begin their training week commencing 23rd September 2019. We are delighted to announce that they’ll be joined by over 90 existing Chapter Directors to complete the 8 week Director Certification training course, after which time those who successfully complete the course will graduate and receive a Certificate of Completion.


As part of the new PSD2 European rule taking effect on 14 September 2019, we are introducing slight changes to the way payments are authenticated in Bevy.

This impacts both paid ticketing and sponsor invoicing. In summary, Bevy is adopting strong customer authentication protocols to make transactions online much safer and secure, especially for European credit cards and accounts.

European card payments will require an extra step to verify their identity, namely 3D Secure, in order to meet SCA requirements. This step implies physical identity confirmation. Transactions that don’t follow the new authentication guidelines may be declined by your customers’ banks.

The new rules aim to better protect consumers when they pay online, promote the development and use of innovative online and mobile payments such as through open banking, and make cross-border European payment services safer.

What will change for users? Here are some examples of the user flow:

People with non-European credit cards/bank accounts will not be affected by this. Except for clients where funds are settled in an EEA country.


There are some great regional conferences happening near you. If you are (or want) to travel to some spectacular places, then please reach out to the relevant directors in slack and see how you can be part of the great experiences they are creating.


Startup Grind welcomes all of its alumni to apply to the very first Startup Program at the APAC Regional Conference in Melbourne, Australia. 

Here is the conference promo:

In partnership with Startupbootcamp - The APAC program will allow 30 select startups to exhibit and the opportunity to meet with Venture Capitalists from Airtree Ventures ($250m), Blackbird Ventures ($250m), Baidu Ventures, SOSV, and Corporate Venture Arms like Microsoft, Tomorrow Street (Vodafone), etc with many more to be added.

Applications now open! Please apply here:


The dates and times for the next Office Hours should be in your Google Calendars. You are welcome to join any office hours you like. For your convenience we’ve broken down the times across regional time zones. They are for your reference:


Host: Madeline + Jess

Date: Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Time: Tue, 6PM SAST | Tue, 1PM EST | Wed, 10:30PM IST  | Tue, 6PM CEST

Format: Video Conference | Zoom Video Call (

CLICK HERE to add to calendar


Host: Phin, Bruce & Daniel

Date: Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Time: Wed, 4PM SAST |  Wed, 10AM EST | Wed, 10PM HKT | Wed, 4PM CEST

Format: Video Conference | Zoom Video Call (

CLICK HERE to add to calendar


Host: Farheen

Date: Monday, 30 September 2019

Time: Mon 10:30 AM SAST |  Mon, 4:30 AM EST | Mon, 4:30PM HKT | Mon, 10:30 AM CEST

Format: Video Conference | Zoom Video Call (

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This months #LevelUp brings not one but two fantastic new features that have just been activated.


These will be an automated email sent out to attendees AFTER an event has taken place. Go to the specific event, and click on "forms" - then click on the squiggly line to see the information. You'll only see info, once someone responds. Use this to make your events better! Follow the conversation here


The following emails will now be sent out for every event. Follow the conversation here

  • 48 Hour Reminder to Attendees
  • 72 Hour Reminder to People without RSVP
  • Welcome to Chapter to New Member
  • 2 Week Event Reminder to Chapter Team (i.e. YOU, not your members)
  • New Event Published for Chapter Members
  • Post-Event survey to Attendees
  • Canceled Event notification Attendees


Derek, G, Phin, Bruce, Farheen, Madeline, Daniel, Jessica