NOV 2019 | Surveys, Startup Program, Awards and so much more

Wow, it's nearly December and America will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week and many countries will be going on holiday very soon.

The year has totally flown by - however, there are some really great things happening -  in fact, so much, we had to break this newsletter into 2 - so you'll see another technically focused newsletter coming through on Friday.

Please do read through all the sections below, kicking off with our Director of the Month of November - Roger Berdayes - Felicidades Amigo, well deserved!!

#Director of the Month 

“Startup Grind gives me the adrenaline to keep on helping people on their entrepreneurial paths and also gives me the chance to learn from others’ experiences while building (and sometimes failing) on my own. This is a community built on values which I truly believe and live by"

— Roger Berdayes,

Startup Grind Madrid




ONE | Annual Directors Survey

Every Year we send out our annual survey to ensure that we are helping you achieve your goals. This survey is designed to help remain accountable, but also to give you a voice. Let us know how we doing here at HQ!

Deadline: 15 Dec 2019
Link to fill in:
Audience: Directors & Co-Directors only!

TWO | Global Partner Survey for Reckitt Benckiser

Our newest Global Corporate Partner, RB, needs you to fill out this quick Global Community survey to learn how they can give back.

Prizes available for those who do!! Every Director who fills it will go into a prize draw. The prize draw will randomly select 2 lucky Directors, who will get $600 credit each towards their flight and accommodation at Global 2020!

The best news is that for every extra person you get to fill it out, you get another entry to the draw!
(note: they must write your name as the referrer!)

Deadline: Sat 30 Nov 2019
Link to
Audience: You + Public (Please Share - we need to hit 1000 responses)

as and FYI - RB will be hosting a hackathon on Monday at the Global Conference!

#GlobalConference + #DirectorsSummit

As you all know, #SGGlobal is coming up!
 ... and yes -that’s the official Hashtag for the event

We are expecting over 200 directors to come together to celebrate being part of this incredible family as well as to meet some of your favourite speakers etc. The conference is FREE to attend for all chapter directors and co-directors.

Following the 2 day conference, we have the legendary Directors Summit where we spend 2 full days as a family together and learn from each other, but also award each other for all the hard work done throughout the year.

If you HAVE NOT received your invitations to Global - please email FORD! ( Those going through the cohort will get invitations after Thanksgiving & Graduation.

Dates: 10-14th Feb 2020

Where: Redwood City, San Francisco

To see all the info - please go here:


At the Global Conference - we also host our  AWARDS CEREMONY - This year, we are opening it up to applications from YOU!

As was mentioned in the Slack and Facebook Chapter Directors Group post on the 7th November, this year we are accepting nominations!

More details available at


It’s easier than ever  to refer startups to our Startup Program at Global 2020:

  1. Show this promotional video at any Chapter events between now and Global
  2. Share any of the social templates we have created for you
  3. Share your personalised referral URL with any top startups you know

Remember: $200 discount for the referred startups & $50 credit per paid startup for you!


Want to be a Startup Program Ambassador?

Please fill out  this form if you would like to be a Director Ambassador for the startups on our Startup Program.

An Ambassador role can  take as little or as much time as you are willing to give. Even the most basic support is great, just let us know!


Each year, we pledge 20% of the conference tickets to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative - Give First, Help Others, Make Friends.

Our first batch of DEI tickets is dedicated to our SGWomen - ticket giveaway application.

We’ve been receiving a lot of applications, so share with your community asap before it closes ( closing 26 Nov). See you all at Global 2020!


The EOY Party Art Assets are READY!! Get them today HERE

Remember, you need to be logged into your Startup Grind email account - not sure how to do that - go check out this article


We have 3 partnerships running at the moment.

One is with CMS, the other was with Heroku and we have one coming up with AWS (Africa only). All three partners only want to work in specific target cities and target markets. In case you are wondering only directors that host consistent, and good quality events, are contacted for partnerships. If you are not hosting regularly, we unfortunately cannot offer your chapter to partners to work with as they require lead times and very regular events to hit their goals.


Massive thanks to ALL the Chapters, Directors and their teams for helping us in showing them what we as a community can do and for stepping up to be part of this opportunity. Here are some stats that we were able to provide to Heroku for Product Engineering Month held in October 2019.

Locations: Europe & America

Total Attendees
In Target Region: 1500 - Globally: 2100

Total Cities

In Target Region: 45 - Globally: 63

Total Events

In Target Region: 50 (Met our goal - shout out to the cities that had more than one event!!)
Globally: 68


The CMS Partnership is still running and will do so till Dec 2020. We are sending out invoices to the chapters that have been selected so that we can make payment to them.  Locations: Europe & America


A massive congratulations is in order for Sandras Phiri - our amazing chapter director in Cape Town - who managed to land one of the largest deals a chapter director has ever landed!!

We are really hoping that this deal will help uplift Africa.

We are still working on the final details with AWS, but keep an eye on your inboxes - chapters that are hosting REGULAR events, will be contacted and we’ll start negotiations on setting this up to kick-off in Jan 2020.

Locations: Sub-Sahara Africa

#RegionalConferences - Past & Coming

Well done to  Colin and Arzish for hosting 2 incredible Regional Conferences with over 1500 attendees EACH!!

Here’s an incredible wrap up video from Pakistan 2019 Conference held in Islamabad:

Here’s some great shots from Tbilisi 2019 Conference held in Georgia:

Good luck to  Chris Joannou who will be hosting the APAC Conference in Australia, Melbourne on 9th Dec 2019. If you want to join other chapter directors there - please find details here (also - please share with your networks!!) -

If you want to host a regional - remember you need to meet these requirements:


The dates and times for the next Office Hours should be in your Google Calendars.

You are welcome to join any office hours you like. For your convenience we’ve broken down the times across regional time zones. 

Here's a link to all calls, as well as links to save to your calendars:


In January 2020, Payoneer will be phasing out email as a communication option for help desk requests.

If you haven’t already had a chance to familiarize yourself with the new Contact Us page within the Help section of the Payoneer Admin Console, please take some time to do so before the end of the year. You will see options to either open a live chat or submit your question via a web form.

Their new real-time chat option allows Payoneer to get you the information and answers you need, faster.


This months #LevelUp brings not one but two fantastic new features that have just been activated.


Bevy has rolled out a new feature on Event pages - location maps!

Upon event creation:


The Startup Grind Oslo Team with an amazing example of a great newsletter with all the news

from their community alongside some amazing global startup grind community plugs. Great job!


Bevy has released Single Sign On for Google, meaning you can now access your Chapter Dashboard using your email account!

To utilize this feature, simple visit and click on the “Google” button highlighted below:

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