AUG 2020 | Event Types + Pitch battle

We have been busy this month creating a bunch of new stuff for you and creating new content for you to succeed in this new reality we now live in. We hope you, your families are all safe.

We have changed to a 2 weekly newsletter cadence so you will be hearing from us now more often. If you have any specific questions, as usual please reach out to your community manager or ford. Here is a snapshot of a few things that are top of our mind this week.


You asked, we listened. Derek wants to chat to you, our Directors, at least once every 3 months. Coming up at the end of August we’d like to host our next Townhall call with Derek.

The calls will be recorded, and placed onto our help site, but we'd really appreciate it if you could make a special effort to be present on the call.

Please click here to view the details and RSVP.


We’ve made some changes to the Bevy event types.

When adding a new event in your Chapter Dashboard, you will be asked to choose from a longer list than before. This is to ensure you choose the correct one for your next event.

Please take note of the new "Pitch Battle" event type as well as the "Cross-Promote" event type!

No need to request a Zoom link if cross-promoting, simply put in the master events URL into the "Tickets" section Please only cross-promote Startup Grind events!) More information on each event type can be found here.


In the month of August, Startup Grind will be hosting #SGPitchBattles.

This will be an opportunity for top startups in your community to come together to participate in an online pitch competition.

#SGPitchBattles winners will get free membership into Startup Grind's Startup Membership Program, and will also be selected for the Startup Grind Global Pitch Competition in September, which is hosted in conjunction with Startup members from all around the world for a chance to win many exciting prizes.

Here are some important links to bookmark when planning them.

Be sure to be LOGGED INTO your Startup Grind account, before clicking above links - else you'll see "broken links" 


We have updated the 2020 year plan to include another theme month in partnership with GFS (Google for Startups) in October - not November as previously mentioned.

Theme announcement and more details coming soon!

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