Bevy Virtual FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here is a list of Questions that have been asked regarding Bevy Virtual, with their respective Answers:

Q: What link do my attendees use to join?

A: Your Bevy virtual permalink is the link that takes you directly to the event. Please note your attendees will need to register for the event in order to receive this link. Upon joining the event they will need to be signed into their account.

Here is a video on where to find the link.

Q: How do I play music at my event?

A. Have a browser tab open with Spotify web player, youtube etc..

Click "share screen" > chrome tab (or corresponding browser) > select music player tab > check box "share audio" > share.

Even if your microphone is muted music will still play through your shared screen.

Q: Will HQ send out a calendar invitation for the event?

A: Nope, you no longer need a community manager to join your calls so once you create your event and select "bevy virtual" then it is up to you to set a reminder in your calendar for your event and include the speaker. 

Q: Does Bevy Virtual support Breakout Rooms

A: As of 18 Aug 2020 - Breakout rooms are NOW SUPPORTED!! - See THIS ARTICLE on how to use it.

Q: Does bevy Virtual support Closed-Captioning

A: Not yet, but is part of the road map (we are hoping before the end of 2020)

Q: How do I let my speakers in

A: Send them a link to your event and ask your speaker to RSVP (or send them a discount ticket). Once they are in, you'll see their name in the attendee list, and you can upgrade them to panelist or to host.

Q: Who has access as panelist/hosts

A: Any person listed under the Team section in your Chapter Dashboard settings will be made a host for all your virtual events - see more information here:

Please note - EVERYONE (including the person that created the event) needs to RSVP to access Bevy Virtual - only once you've RSVP'd - will you see the "Join virtual event here!" button at the top of the event page.

Q: How do I troubleshoot Bevy?

A: Check out this helpful article on how to troubleshoot the following: audio, visual, and screen sharing

Q: How do I test Bevy Virtual

A: Quick answer - You need to publish a HIDDEN event  (Use the "Magic Wand" buttons to speed up the process)

Detailed steps below:

  • Choose an event of type SGVirtual (Bevy Virtual is not available for offline events)
  • Also, please choose an event of type RSVP (i.e. has the word [free] in the event type title) - you can see more about event types here
  • Add in a Title as well as a Short and Long Description
  • Tick the "This is a Hidden Event" - to ensure the event is hidden to the public
  • Add in a START time and date that is in your timezone and starting in 15 minutes time (You are now able to join a bevy Virtual event 60 mins before event starts)
  • Add in any random END time and date (but not longer than 10 hours from start time)
  • Click the "Magic Wand" icon/button  - to auto-populate the agenda (it's at the end of "Create the agenda" - and looks like image below) 
  • Choose "Bevy Virtual" from the "Select virtual event platform"
  • You DO NOT need to add "Startups" or "People" or "Sponsors & Partners"
  • Click on "5. RSVPs" (or "Tickets if not using RSVP option) - it's the tab at the top
  • Next to "ADD NEW RSVP" (or "ADD NEW TICKETS") - is another "Magic Wand" button - click it to auto-populate the tickets with either an RSVP ticket, or actual ticket (if not using RSVP event type)
  • Click the "Gear" icon that's between the Quantity and the "X" - looks like below image 
  • Select a date and time for "Availability Start" that's BEFORE now (I typically choose yesterday's date)
  • You DO NOT need to add an "Availability End" (this is a new feature since Feb 2020) - as long as there's a start date - tickets will be sold
  • Hit the "PUBLISH" button - please DO NOT "update/publish to meetup"
  • IMPORTANT - in order to access Bevy Virtual - you need to RSVP to the event you created - then you'll see a "Join Virtual Event Here!" button appear at very top of event page.
  • Once tested - feel free to cancel the event

Q: What should I include for the "virtual event platform instructions?"


- Make sure you are logged into the account and with the email that you registered your ticket under

- Once the event is ready to begin there will be a button on the event webpage stated "Join virtual event"- please click this button to join

- Bevy virtual is chrome based browser please make sure you only have one tab open, try refreshing your page, and if chrome does not work switch to mozilla

- Still running into issues? Please try this troubleshooting resource: and