Hosting Startup Grind Virtual Events (Bevy)

This article outlines the basic functions of Bevy Virtual

Creating a Bevy Virtual Event 

In order to leverage Bevy Virtual to host your next virtual event, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Start by creating a Virtual event by selecting the applicable event type that contains SGVirtual in the name. To see more about event types, go here

  2. Then, scroll to the Virtual Event Platform section of the “General Information” page. 
  3. Click the drop-down menu under “Select virtual event platform” and choose Bevy Virtual
  4. Fill out the rest of your event details and click Save Draft or Publish at the bottom of the page.
  5. You need to RSVP in order to access Bevy Virtual - only once you (even if you created the event) have RSVP'd will you see a "Join virtual event here!" button at the top of the event page.

You are able to change existing External Virtual events to Bevy Virtual events. Even if you started the event as an External URL event choice. The Bevy permalink will be what was sent to attendees, and as such, will route attendees to the NEW Bevy Virtual URL.

Hosts & Presenters

Any person listed under the Team section in your Chapter Dashboard settings will be made a host for all your virtual events:

Only hosts & presenters will appear on screen. In order to get your speaker(s) on screen, they will need to join the event as an attendee, and then you will need to promote them to presenter.

See the “ Allow Attendee Access to Video/Audio/Share Screen” section of this article for more information.

Your speaker(s) will need to register for the event as an attendee in order to be allowed into the event so that you can promote them to presenter!

Guests and manually added attendees will NOT be able to access Bevy Virtual - they need to log into Startup Grind website and RSVP for your event. We are working with Bevy to try find a solution for this.

Change Your Audio/Video Settings

The buttons at the bottom of the screen can be used to change your audio and video settings.

Since only hosts & presenters have audio & video enabled, only they can change their audio/video settings. 

If you need an attendee to enable their audio/video, promote them to Presenter. See the “ Allow Attendee Access to Video/Audio/Share Screen” section of this article for more information.

When the mic and/or video icons are red with a line across them, your mic and/or video is turned off. 

  • If your mic is turned off, attendees will not be able to hear you when you speak.
  • If your video is turned off, attendees will not be able to see you.

When these icons are grey, they have been turned on, allowing the attendees to hear and see you.

By selecting the upward pointing arrow next to the mic and video icons, you can choose which device you are connected into the call with.

Allow Attendee Access to Video / Audio / Share Screen

As a default setting, events will begin with audio and video access only being granted to hosts and presenters.

If you would like an attendee to have video, audio, or share screen access, you must promote them to presenter. 

This can be done by clicking on the drop down arrow next to their name in the attendee list and choosing Set as Presenter.

In order for you to change any audio/video settings yourself, you must be a Host or a Presenter.

The attendee list is filtered in the following order: your name, all hosts, all presenters, and then all attendees in alphabetical order by first name.

Muting / Unmuting all Attendees

To mute all attendees, click on the Attendees icon on the top right corner of the screen and click Mute all attendees. Note that this will only apply to hosts and presenters since attendees do not have audio enabled.

Once a host or presenter is muted, they can not be unmuted by you. They can unmute themselves by using the mic icon on the bottom menu bar of the screen or next to their name in the attendees list.

Sharing your Screen

In order to share your screen with the attendees of your event follow the steps below: 

  1. Click the Share Screen button on the bottom menu bar.
  2. Choose between the three categories to decide which parts of your screen you would like to share
    1. Your Entire Screen: This will allow you to share all windows and apps that you view on your own screen
    2. Application Window: This will allow you to choose between the windows you have open and share all the tabs and/or contents of the window you choose
  3. Click Share and start sharing your screen with your event attendees!
    1. In order to hide the bar at the bottom from showing on your screen, simply click Hide. This bar can not be brought back up, andーif hiddenーyou will have to navigate back to the Bevy Virtual window to click Stop Sharing.
  4. Once you are finished sharing your screen, click the Stop Sharing button to end your presentation 

You may have to navigate back to the window in which your virtual event is being held. Only one person can screen share at one time

Sending a Message in Chat

To send a message to all attendees of your virtual event, click on the Chat icon on the top right corner of the screen, type your message where it says Enter your message here and click the purple check mark/press enter to send.

Using Markdown & Emoji's in Chat

If you'd like to "style" your message, feel free to use "markdown" ( see here for more details)

Copy the below text as is, and paste it into the chat window and hit "enter" or the tick mark to send the message and see what it looks like:

- [x] Write the press release<br>- [ ] Update the website<br>- [ ] Contact the media

Typing in ':' (colon - like you do in slack) - will open the "emoji" keyboard and you can choose a cool Emoji to send in the chat message

Deleting Messages

As a host, you are able delete messages - simply click on the arrow at the end of any message and select "delete"

Sending a Direct Message 

Follow these steps in order to send a message directly to another attendee in a private conversation.

  1. Click the Attendees button in the top right corner  
  2. Search the name of the person you would like to send a direct message to
  3. Click the drop down arrow next to the person’s name, then click Send Message

This will take you to a private chat between you and the attendee. 

Note: See all your direct conversations by clicking DMs in the top left corner of the chat 

Note: In order to return back to the event chat, click General. DMs in conferences will be saved from one event to the next, so you will be able to reconnect with the people you meet by returning to the chat conversation.

Moderating the Chat 

As a host, from a message in chat, you have the ability to:

  1. Delete an attendee's message: This is done in the same way you would delete your own message 
  2. Block an attendee from chat: This will prevent the attendee from further messaging in the chat for 24 hours.

You can access both of these functions by hovering over the attendee's message and clicking the dropdown arrow. 

Ending the Event/Leaving Event

Start by clicking the Leave button with the phone icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Only a host of the event has the ability to end the event for all attendees once it is over. 

If you are the host and you would like to end the event for all:

  1. Click End Event for All

You will leave the event automatically.

Otherwise, if you are an attendee and you would like to exit the event yourself:

  1. Click Leave event

View List of Check-ins

Once your event is over, a list of all the attendees will be populated in the Chapter Dashboard.

To access this list, follow these steps: 

  1. Search for and click on the Chapter in which the event was hosted in. 
  2. Click on Events.
  3. Click the Completed tab and find your event in this list

    If you canceled your event, your event may be found in the Canceled tab. If your event has not ended yet, it may be found in the Live tab

  4. Once you click on your event you will see a list of all members that RSVPd. Those with a green check mark in the Check In column attended the event.

  5. Anyone that attends the event from 15 minutes prior to the start time up until the end time will be auto-checked in. For more information on event Check-in, read this article on Checking in Attendees.

We also recommend including the following trouble shooting instructions under "virtual event platform instructions"

- Make sure you are logged into the account and with the email that you registered your ticket under
- Once the event is ready to begin there will be a button on the event webpage stated "Join virtual event"- please click this button to join
- Bevy virtual is chrome based browser please make sure you only have one tab open, try refreshing your page, and if chrome does not work switch to mozilla
- Still running into issues? Please try this troubleshooting resource: and