Aug 2020 (part 2) | Townhouse Call + Opportunities

Wow is this month speeding along - We’ve had some great pitch competitions, we’ve had some great AWS Africa events and we had a great event with Brad Feld last night!

Up next week (2nd Sep 2020) - TOWNHOUSE CALL WITH DEREK - there will be 2 MASSIVE announcements being made, you do not want to miss this one.

We’ve made it a time that nearly everyone in the world can join (yes, it’ll be recorded - but we are trying to Break Bevy Virtual - so would love to have you all join!)

Click here to RSVP


The “Director Cohort” is when all new directors go through a 6 week training course and get correctly trained with the latest marketing, sponsorship training, technology and best practices content. This ensures that they become amazing directors.

Of those that have not done the cohort - only 60% are active and hosting events when they should - compared to those that have passed the cohort where 85% are active and hosting events.

If you are a director (those that have, and haven’t done the cohort) and would like to do the training/have a refresher - please go and click “join” or “apply” here. (remember to log in with your Startup Grind email)

If you are a director and would like to take part in the next cohort - please sign up here.

Applications for Cohort close Friday 4th September.


We’ve rebuilt the entire application process from the ground up.

If you know of anyone that should be a director, or you want to get training for your co-director - please get them to apply here:

Applications close 4th September 2020


Would you like to feature a great company or startup from your community or maybe your sponsor? Then this is a great opportunity.

SG Chapter Directors can use this form to provide new opportunities such as offers from accelerators / incubators, startups, sponsors etc. to startup members.

After review, these opportunities will be made available to all our startup members via Mighty Networks. If you are unsure, feel free to message Naman Jain from the Startup Program Team on Slack.

Please Note: This opportunity should NOT be publicly available. It must be exclusive to Startup Grind only


Established (US Only)

Don’t miss these non-dilutive funding and pitch competition opportunities

Application deadlines are fast approaching! Learn more about this pitch competition and other funding opportunities through Established, a Startup Grind partner:

  • AFWERX funding opportunity opens 9/23. Eligible startups can land contracts worth up to $50K to do feasibility studies with the Air Force for a broad range of technologies. Learn about this non-dilutive funding opportunity early. Get the Checklist 
  • Startup of the Year Summit, 11/9-11/10. This global competition culminates with the 8th Annual Summit on November 9-10. Come network with investors! One semifinalist could earn a $20K investment, plus a $10K cash prize is available for a U.S. Veteran-led startup. Application deadline: 9/15. Learn More
  • And more! Get info about all of the startup resources Established offers: Subscribe Here


Here’s a great link to share in your next newsletter to GIVE FIRST to your community:

Startup Grind Startup Toolkit presented with AWS:

Here's a piece that has been published this month on Startup Grind's Medium Publication (They are also in our Startup Program) 8 Startups to Know About in 2020

This is a superb one for the upcoming Black Leaders Month theme that we are doing in October: Building a Truly Inclusive Global Startup Community

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