How do I wrap up the event?

Videos & Images

Yes, you can now link your videos AND upload your images for past events - it's very easy. Once your event is over you just have to head over to Dashboard (login with your Startup Grind email), click on EVENTS > COMPLETED > WRAP UP

To add your video to YouTube - see here for instructions:

1) Dashboard (log in with your SG email) > Events (choose one of the completed one and click on it)
2) Wrap Up > Put in your video and images

Then you can insert the YouTube video link (make sure you only insert the source link without any additional strings in the URL) or SlideShare presentation (if your speaker had one). Thereafter upload your images - as many as you wish!

Payments & Off-Platform Attendees

After the WRAP UP section, please go to PAYMENT tab and fill out “Qty. Tickets sold off Platform” box in case you sold some at-the-door or off-platform (i.e. local, 3rd party ticket platform) tickets.

Lastly, hit “ SUBMIT TO PROCESS” button at the bottom of them page. This will generate the invoice and once processed we will send the money to your Payoneer account. If you do not select "Submit to Process" you will not get paid. 

Submitting the numbers:
It's super easy. Do this after every single event, please. :-)
1)  Dashboard (log in with your SG email) >  Events (choose one of the completed one and click on it)

2)  Payment > fill out the numbers

3) Select "SUBMIT TO PROCESS" - if you do not select this, you won't get paid. 
Note: If you don't sell any tickets via 3rd party provider (like Huodongxing in China, Eventbrite, etc.) or if you keep everything up to date in the system, please disregard this message.
This is quite important for us as we will be able to  show the impact we have in APAC. Please, help us out.