JUL 2017: Most Attendees Ever In 1 Month!

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Photo: Startup Grind Hong Kong Hosted Gary Vee in July - the event was sold out! Watch the video

Most Attendees Ever!

Each month we break one more record with your help. Your amazing work has been paying off, as July 2017 was the month that Startup Grind had the most attendees in a single month, ever! We had 10,000 people joining our events around the world. What an achievement! To bring this into perspective, that’s about half compared to SXSW only our exceptional directors held truly impressive events in dozens and dozens of cities the world over.

So a massive thank you for your commitment in Startup Grind’s vision to educate, inspire and connect with every entrepreneur in the world. You rock!

Sexual Harassment

The world has changed. Accountability has finally come. Nothing positive nor good can come from you or from any of us -- if we don’t strictly adhere to protocol on the sexual harassment issue -- the consequences of misbehavior or missteps are a downside for everyone involved.

We've worked hard to try to bring amazing people into the community and make it an environment where everyone feels comfortable and safe.

We don't know how to state this any more plainly than this: there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment at Startup Grind.

Read the full announcement here: http://help.startupgrind.com/article/232-sexual-harassment

It’s time! Invite your best local startups to apply

If you’d like a quick video about just how amazing this opportunity is for your startups watch this: 2018 Startup Program

Office Hours

We had our second round of Office Hours in July and even recorded one! In this episode you can learn about how to improve your monthly hustle to do less work and get more attendees. You will also hear many more helpful topics - see below:

In this video we discuss:

  • Becoming a writer for Startup Grind (0:18)
  • 2018 Startup Program (4:55)
  • Improve your monthly hustle to spend less time and get more attendees (8:37)
  • SG in smaller communities (27:30)
  • How & why to host at a coworking space (34:21 &42:50)
  • How to build community spirit in your city (36:13)
  • Local vs out of town speakers (39:59)
  • How to differentiate your event from others (44:31 &49:24)
  • What it means to live the SG values (48:10)
  • How to get to know your attendees better (50:30) *url mentioned should be: bevy.uservoice.com
  • Surprise guest at the end! (54:37)

Join us for our August Office Hours so you can ask YOUR questions and share your ideas!  Plus, apparently you never know when Derek might show up. ;)  

We do these a couple times each month to keep things time zone friendly for you:

Click on the "google calendar" button to add it to your calendar

  • Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA): 8/30, 4pm GMT with Dimitris

  • Americas: Monday Eve 8/15, 5-6am Pacific time with Christie

  • APAC: Tuesday 8/8, 4 - 5pm Hong Kong time with Jan

Note: You can always access the latest invites and recent Office Hours videos in the help library: http://help.startupgrind.com/category/211-office-hours

Suggest a Director

Startup Grind is constantly growing and we are looking into new cities that we can launch a chapter. If you happen to know any person who is well connected within the local startup ecosystem and you think they would be a great Startup Grind Director, please refer them to us! We are more than happy to talk through the application and onboarding process and help them launch and grow yet another chapter.

You can also use the following image to promote in your social media / newsletter and link to the application process here: http://www.startupgrind.com/start


New Global Image

Our fearless designer, Eugenia Digon, is killing it! She has created an awesome brand-new global image that can be used as cover image on your social media profiles.

You can find it here: http://bit.ly/2017-global-image


Sponsorships for Startup Grind Global Conference 2018

Have you got any sponsor who might be interested in partnering with us for the annual flagship conference in February 2018? We are more than happy to talk! The partnerships team can help you secure a sponsor for global by providing you a custom slide deck and jumping on a call with the prospect sponsor. You can get a finders fee depending on the level of sponsorship secured!

Interested? Drop us a line at partnerships@startupgrind.com and we’ll be more than happy to discuss in more detail.

Speaker Suggestions

Big part of being a Startup Grind Chapter Director is that you get access to our extensive network of speakers. We receive dozens of suggestions every week through our website and we have been sending them to you when a speaker was worth your while.

Now, you can get an immediate notification through our dedicated Slack channel #speakers where the Speaker Bot will automatically announce when a new speaker has been submitted to the system. You then click on the link and you can find any of the speakers that have submitted their info. If you wish to get in touch with them, please send a message to ford@startupgrind.com and we'll gladly send over their email or contact details.

If you wish to go back and check the entire database of speakers registered in our system, you can also visit http://bit.ly/sg-speakers, which is a cool new AirTable implementation that allows you to sort by name, speaker location, etc

Big Summer Parties...

  • San Francisco: 1013 attendees
  • Tel Aviv: 1012 attendees
  • Phoenix: 957 attendees

SG Tel Aviv Party.jpg

New Bevy Feature: Waitlist!

As Bevy is continuously evolving into a smarter platform, our engineering team has developed a cool new feature that we are sure you’ll find interesting for your future events: Waitlist! For those super popular events that are sold out, you can now activate the Waitlist for certain tickets or for all ticket types.

This way, you can still gather registrations even when you don’t have the capacity to fit more people in the room and if you decide to offer additional seating, then you can release tickets by choosing who will receive them. Here’s how:


Selling off-platform? Please Update Bevy

If you sell tickets via a 3-rd party (due to restrictions in your country) - please remember to update the details in the dashboard.

Currently it looks like no-one is attending your events, and we are pretty sure you are happily filling those seats - yay!

We would love to showcase your city to our sponsors, partners and in this newsletter, but we need the data so that we can support you with some good press. This will bring even more value to you and your and your amazing chapter events...

If you are not sure where to fill in this data please see this post: http://help.startupgrind.com/article/123-wrap-up-the-event

Finally... Thanks for all the hard work, and please keep interacting on Slack! We love to hear from you. Hope you all had amazing summer/winter parties (yes, if you haven’t thrown one yet, you can do it in August).

Startup Grind Community Team

G, Dimitris, Jan, Christie, Francisco