Create Chrome User + Log in with SG Email

The best way to manage all the systems that we will be introducing you to, is to have all your passwords and logins, always available with out logging in each time.

i.e. you have a personal twitter account & you now need a Startup Grind twitter account (go here to find out more about social media).

Create Second Chrome User

logging in and out is a real pain, so make use of different Chrome Users (or Firefox users). Here's a gif showing you how to create a new chrome user, below that is another GIF showing you how to switch between the accounts. 

Notice how all my bookmarks INSTANTLY appear - this is due to the "Link Data" and the "Turn on Sync" feature being activated. Without both those switched on, your bookmarks and browser settings will not sync when you log into a new PC.

Switch Between Accounts

Here's how to switch between the accounts, and not have to log in and out of accounts each time.