MAR 2018: #SGWomen + Calendar + Check-in + New Team + SGEurope


May = #SGWomen Month
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#Startup Grind Europe 2018 Google for Entrepreneurs
New Team Members
State of the Nation

#SGWomen - Host a Female Leader on your stage in May

For a 5th year in a row, we are proud to say that #SGWomen will be happening again in May 2018 here at Startup Grind.

We really hope that you are able to host a Female on your stage in May and join the movement! - FYI, here's the "2018 Year Game Plan" so that you can prepare the year ahead better!

How did this start? Google for Entrepreneurs launched the #40Forward campaign in 2014 and Startup Grind this campaign by hosting Female Speakers in cities across the world. This year we are aiming to have roughly 150 females on our stages around the world in the month of May. That’s simply incredible, not many communities around the world would be able to pull this off. We are looking forward to having you being a part of it.

Yes, your #SGWomen Art Assets are ready!! - Please start using them for your May events. There are links to art boards, PDF & Ai files. You can find them all + more by going HERE.

Here’s a great example of the Art Assets being used by the Chicago chapter:

Image on the Chapter Page

Image in the Header of the Events Page

And there's more...

G created a calendar for you to share with Friends, Family and Sponsors and Partners - Check it out HERE. If your event is missing from this list, please let us know.

Check-In App

Announced at Global 2018 - You can now download the brand new Check-in App. It’s the number 1 thing voted for here. It’s really amazing and syncs perfectly with your Dashboard (and yes, the search function works on it :)

We award some of our prizes based on number of check-ins and not necessarily purchased tickets, as this is a reflection of a true event. So remember to CHECK-IN your attendees as they arrive.



#SGEurope2018 | 13 June 2018 | London

Startup Grind Europe is coming up soon, all directors are welcome, see below for info on what's going on:

Startup Program London 2018

  • Applications are still open till 18th May 2018 - please get your startups to apply here:
  • We will have a call to chat about the Startup Program on Tuesday 11th April, please click this link to add to your calendar so that you get the right timezone

Tickets for Team Members

Tickets for your Superstars

Startup Grind Nations Symposium

  • For the directors day (14th June 2018), Phin Mpofu, will be leading a program to bring delegations to meet with directors and share their Eco-System with us.
  • If you would like to be part of this, please join the SG Nations Symposium channel on slack
  • Read this doc to know what it's about
  • Sponsorships? - Here's the deck, if you know someone that would like to sponsor

New Team Members

There have been a few changes over at HQ this past month and here’s a summary!

  1. Change of role for Dimitris

    Big shout out to Dimitris Litsikakis our fantastic leader in Europe for the past year and a half, as he will be moving off of full-time work with Startup Grind in April. He will remain the Chapter Director in Athens and keep working in a limited capacity adding new cities in Europe. Dimitris has been instrumental in growing EMEA from 80 chapters to nearly 200 chapters in his area alone over the past 18 months and we’re so glad he’s not going too far away from us going forward
  2. New Team Members

    We are really excited to announce that as of 1st April, Bruce Lunnis and Jelle Kajim will be joining the Community Team!!

    Bruce Lunnis has been doing the “front-of-house” for Startup Grind Cape Town since, well... G’s second event! He’s done over 60 events over the course of nearly 5 years and has only ever missed 2 events! Now that’s commitment! He was also a volunteer at the #SG2017 conference in San Francisco and helped Karlie and the team to ensure things ran smoothly.

    He will be working alongside Jelle with regards to the EMEA region and also assisting Christie with the Americas, so some sleepless nights await him. He will mostly be based out of Cape Town with G - but we do know he loves travelling :)

    Some of you will be familiar with Jelle Kajim, he is part of the Amsterdam team and helped set up the chapter that side. He was also a volunteer at the #SG2018 conference in San Francisco where he ran one of the stages + helped with multiple other tasks. He will be based in Amsterdam and sometimes Cape Town (He is a really talented Windsurfer, and we have some of the best wind and waves in Cape Town).

    He will be taking over a large part of Dimitris role as well as helping with the SGu chapter growth.

All about Google for Entrepreneurs

Google For Entrepreneurs (GFE) hosted their Google Demo Day this week and Karlie and Derek where there (Did you see Karlie doing a great intro on the Livestream?) - All the different partners of GFE sent their top Startups to pitch, and we were very glad when ShearShare were picked from startups we put forward for this program. They were from our Startup Grind Startup Program in 2016. We were even more ecstatic when they WON!

In South Africa, Google hosted an event at the GFE Partner JoziHub, regarding “Adopt a Startup” program. As a GFE Partner, Startup Grind was invited and Lesley Jennings & Masha from SG Bloemfontein (6 hour drive away from JoziHub) as well as Beth Malaji from SG Jozi (Johannesburg) were able to attend and learnt a lot about How Google, GFE and how the Partner Network works.

They learnt about:

Global Perspective of Google's Startup Support Structures.

Left to Right: Lesley, Sam, Beth, Masha & Dude from Bloem :)

They were able to take these learnings back to Bloem and Jozi and share with their communities.

It’s these kind of stories that we’d love to learn more about and take back to Google, and if you wish to do something with GFE in your area, please do reach out and let us know!

In Other News - It's the STATE OF THE NATION

So we normally put in what everyone has done this past month… but it’s SO much, that we’ve had to create an entire separate post for it.

Massive thanks to Alex Bacardit for putting the monthly “Startup Grind State of the Nation” articles together!  - also, it’s his birthday coming up and he is running a campaign to raise money for those that do not have drinking water, so please do donate and support HERE - he is $15 away from his goal!

Here is this months “ Startup Grind State of the Nation” to see just how awesome you are, and what everyone’s been up to.

PLEASE remember to submit your stories to Alex ( or to the HQ team ( … we really do want to hear from you, and if you don’t share it with us, we might not hear about really amazing things happening in our network. #Humble-Brags are welcome (there’s now even a dedicated slack channel for that).

Thanks for everything you amazing directors do, and please keep up the inspiring work. we hope you have a great Easter weekend if you are celebrating it, and not too many hot cross buns, or chocolate bunnies :)

Much love from The Community Team

Derek, G, Christie, Dimitris, Jan, Bruce, Jelle