Template for cancelling event

It happens, you've scheduled the event, sold many tickets, day before the event, the speaker get's sick, or can't make it. What to do:

  • Get replacement speaker
  • If not possible to get a replacement speaker then try reaching out to a fellow director, maybe you can livestream someone in?
  • Maybe something else has gone wrong, Venue issue, try find another venue
  • i.e. try everything in your power to have to not cancel,
  • but if you've tried everything, then cancel the event.

Next Steps

Go to "Emails" and create a newsletter that is targeted to the Audience type "People with event ticket" and choose an applicable "Event"

Then type something along these lines (The below template was one created by Kiran Reddy and Mahesh Kabra from Mumbai, India):

Hi *firstname*,

Let us foremost give our humble apologies for having to cancel the event last minute. A minor update, Rishi Khiani had an early onset of dengue that luckily managed to start getting treated over the weekend itself and he is expected to make a full recovery in the upcoming weeks.

While we would love nothing more than to reschedule the event as soon as possible, for now however we will have to move that to the back burner and look to the next horizon. We are gearing up to announce our next speaker and venue early November. We would hope to see your faith restored in us and to keep bringing you avenues to meet and engage with eminent personalities.

You have made a purchase online and we have spent the past few days figuring out how to make amends. We would like to give you one of the following options for compensation:

1) We would adjust your ticket towards our next startup grind event that you choose to attend + a 50% discount coupon code valid for a 1 time use with a 6 month validity.

2) We can make a full refund, this will take 7-10 working days from point of initiation as it is an international payment gateway system and processing a refund is handled at the head office on a case to case basis.

Kindly reply back to this mail with your preference and we can issue a credit voucher + coupon or payment refund.


Kiran Reddy and Mahesh Kabra

Regarding Refunds, please see our Refund Policy HERE