APR 2018: #SGWomen + SGEurope + Facebook + Team + VC Corner + Strip Atlas


#SGWomen Month is here
Startup Grind Europe 2018
Facebook Connect Program New Team Members
VC Corner: Anna Patterson
Stripe Atlas is launching LLC formation

#SGWomen Month is here

Please use #StartupGrind + #SGWomen + #FemaleLeaders + @LIFT_Labs

@Lift_Labs & #SGWomen - are the important ones!

Free tickets for everyone
As part of our Female Leaders Month (#SGWomen), we’re giving away 200 tickets for women in tech to attend our upcoming Europe Conference June 13, 2018 in London. Gather your community to support #SGWomen. They can apply here before May 14th - all accepted applications will hear back from us no later than 20th May.

Facebook Profile Frames
Please add a frame to your Facebook Profile Pic by going to your profile, clicking on “Update Profile Picture”, then on “Add frame” and search for “#sgwomen”. Choose from one of the 3 designs, and use the following as your description: "I support Startup Grind's #SGWomen month. Startup Grind is hosting incredible women on stages around the world, find an event near you: http://startupgrind.com/sgwomen-may-2018-gallery/".

Writing powered by you + Karlie
Please read + share Karlie's blog post on what the May campaign means to Startup Grind, why it's only possible because of you (our community), and how everyone can and should get involved

#SGEUROPE2018 | 13 June 2018 | London

Startup Grind Europe is coming up soon, all directors are welcome, see below for info on what's going on:

Startup Program London 2018

Tickets for Team Members

Tickets for your Superstars

Startup Grind Nations Symposium

  • For the directors day (14th June 2018), Phin Mpofu, will be leading a program to bring delegations to meet with directors and share their Ecosystem with us.
  • If you would like to be part of this, please join the #sg-nations-symposium channel on Slack.
  • Read this doc to know what it's about.
  • Sponsorships? - Here's the deck, if you know someone that would like to sponsor.
  • If you’re looking for accommodation we recommend you join the #sg-europe Slack channel and join the discussion.

Facebook Connect Program

Bruce & Jelle are cleaning up the Chapter Facebook Pages, and will be sending requests to you to manage your Facebook Pages - it’s legit, please accept. We can only send 200 requests at a time, so we’ll be sending these requests out in batches. See how to do that here: https://bit.ly/2r9ubZZ.

New Team Members

New month, new Community Team member! Candace Dalmange-Rouge will be replacing Christie and taking over the America’s. Candace is based out of Dayton, Ohio and has been the Chapter Co-Director / Director of Startup Grind Dayton for over 2 years, and attended Global in both 2018 & 2017. Christie will be dearly missed, and words cannot describe how much she’s done for Startup Grind. At least we can take comforting in knowing that her Chapters are well taken care of. Welcome Candace, and farewell Christie!

The full-time HQ Community Team will consist of Jan, Jelle, Candace, Bruce & G.

VC Corner: Anna Patterson, Gradient Ventures

Anna Patterson is the Founder and Managing Partner of Google’s new AI fund, Gradient Ventures. She was previously Google’s VP of Engineering in AI  -  integrating AI into products across Google. Just after Anna received her PhD, she was a Research Scientist at Stanford. Here she worked with one of the founders of AI  - John McCarthy - and his wife Carolyn Talcott. Patterson also serves on the Board of Directors at Square Inc. You can read the full article here: https://bit.ly/2FsHedu.

Stripe Atlas is launching LLC formation

The Stripe Atlas LLC is designed to match the needs of startups. It enables founders to assign relevant IP to the company at formation, formalizing ownership of key technology, make conversion to a C Corporation as simple as possible, and provides a simplified process for adding members after formation. All members of the Startup Grind community can get direct access via this link: https://atlas.stripe.com/invite/Atlas-StartupGrind. Please spread the word to entrepreneurs in your chapter!

Different Newsletter Cadance

We’ll be sending 1 big newsletter summary each month, but every week, provided there is news, we’ll be sending short emails updating you with what’s happening, and what you need to know. Please ensure to add the following emails to your whitelist + contacts list, so that it doesn’t go to spam. Also move to inbox, as opposed to folder: community@startupgrind.com and ford@startupgrind.com.

Much love from The Community Team
Derek, G, Christie, Dimitris, Jan, Candace, Bruce & Jelle