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  • #Speakers Slack Channel

    This is the #SPEAKER channel, which is found in the directors slack group. It is dedicated to helping you find speakers! If you click on that link, and unable to access it, please contact ford@startup

  • How To - Navigate Slack

    This HOW TO will walk you through Slack, how to join & use, as well as etiquette in the Slack Channel. Feel free to view the video, or read the document, the best is to simply read the documentation a

  • How To- Join Channels on Slack

    In order to browse all the channels the Startup Grind community has to offer watch the following video: Suggested Channels to Join:

  • How To: Join & Use SG Slack Channel

    This HOW TO will walk you through Slack, how to join & use, as well as etiquette in the Slack Channel. Please go HERE to view the FULL PDF on how to setup Slack | Prefer to watch? Go HERE Step 1 -

  • Startup Program Team

    Central Startup Team email address: Main Startup Website: Team Members Alex Gordon-Furse VP, Sales & Startup Program Email:

  • SG Europe 2018

    #SGEurope2018 | 13 June 2018 | London Startup Grind Europe is coming up soon, all directors are welcome, see below for info on what's going on. Go HERE to access all the info! Please join the #SGEurop

  • Office Hours: Watch the Videos - 2020

    March 2019 | Europe, Middle East & Africa In this video we discuss: Global 2019: Official Images (00:00) 2019 Year Plan (01:09) 2019 Europe Conference (07:40) Updating SG logos online (11:14)

  • What are some newsletter best practices?

    Send a newsletter when you first publish the event. Send newsletters a week out and a day or two before. You can also send a newsletter when the video from your previous event goes up. Drop images

  • MAY 2017: Smashing Records With Awesome Directors + #SGParty + #SGWomen!

    Photo credit: Startup Grind Barcelona (Spain) - 3rd Year Anniversary! Thanks to all the chapter directors that took part in #FemaleFounders month this May. We had nearly 100 #SGWomen on stage telling

  • Lesson #2: Speakers

    Speakers Pull A Crowd People constantly ask us what the secret to hosting awesome sold out events is. They always expect us to answer with “If you send $200 worth of Adwords before the event you will

  • Lesson #8: Event Marketing

    Filling the Room Building your audience is something that takes constant effort combined with plenty of time. There are a lot of ways to raise awareness, but what works best for your area is a code

  • Global 2018 - Director Awards

    Award Director(s) Description Director of the year award Brian Park Best overall director (Ticket Sales, Speakers, Sponsorships, etc) Lifetime Acheivers Award Chris Joannou Over 5 years in Startup Gri

  • Office Hours: Watch the Videos - 2018

    Below are the Office Hours videos that have been recorded. This is a gold mine for ideas, training, tips & tricks and info - please read the "in this video" section, and click on the time stamp to be

  • NOV 2017: SGx & SGu, Startup Flyers, Town Halls + #SG200 achieved!

    1. #SG200 - Mission Accomplished! We did it! 200 events in November. This is a time to celebrate and give thanks. Thank you for being so awesome and relentlessly execute the vision of Startup Grind to

  • APR 2018: #SGWomen + SGEurope + Facebook + Team + VC Corner + Strip Atlas

    IN THIS NEWSLETTER #SGWomen Month is here Startup Grind Europe 2018 Facebook Connect Program New Team Members VC Corner: Anna Patterson Stripe Atlas is launching LLC formation #SGWomen Month is here H

  • Lesson #11: Global Community + Google

    You are part of a {BIG} family now :) With all the time you have spent thinking about how you are going to make a difference in your city you likely have a pretty clear vision of that right now.  Let’

  • JUN 2020 | Mighty Networks

    This is an important update from Startup Grind HQ regarding our messaging platform and direction of Startup Grind (see Survey below). Please do read the below, and if you have any questions please

  • JUL 2017: Most Attendees Ever In 1 Month!

    Photo: Startup Grind Hong Kong Hosted Gary Vee in July - the event was sold out! Watch the video Most Attendees Ever! Each month we break one more record with your help. Your amazing work has been pay

  • JUL 2019 | SG Global 2020 Launch + Summer/Winter Parties + Meetup Updates

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #GlobalLaunch - Launching Global Conference 2020 #JulySummerWinterParty - July is Party Time! #SGEuropeRecap - Wrap Up + Pictures and Videos #SocialMediaDeets - Do

  • OCT 2019 | Global2020+DirectorsSummit + Product+EngineeringMonth + GEW

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #Global2020+DirectorsSummit #StartupProgramOpportunity #WorkshopRecap #Product+EngineeringMonth #GEW #StartupOutlookSurvey #NextOfficeHours #LevelUp

  • JUN 2020 | Diversity + #SGWomen Month + Startup Opportunity + ...

    #BlackLivesMatter Startup Grind, both the company and the people we represent -- our employees, startups, Chapter Directors, sponsors, speakers, attendees -- must hold themselves to the highest

  • AUG 2018: #GoodbyeJan + #HelloFarheen + #SG300

    IN THIS NEWSLETTER #GoodbyeJan #HelloFarheen #SG300 #CohortCalls #Global2019 #StartupProgram #EstoniaE-Residency #SomeFunStats #GetSocial #GoodbyeJan We are really sad to have to say goodbye to Jan Sm

  • How do I market my events to get more attendees?

    Building your audience is something that takes constant effort combined with plenty of time.  There are lots of possibilities but what works best for your area is a code you will have to crack. Some i

  • Lesson #12: Ongoing Help + Training

    We are always here for you :) Congrats!  You have made it through basic training : ) The learning and support doesn't stop here, though.  We have all kinds of resources and help available to ensure yo

  • AUG 2017: Sponsorships + BCN Summit + Getting Featured

    Photo Credit: Startup Grind Ancona Mid-Year Party at a great summer venue with a pool! 1. Sponsorships for Startup Grind Global Conference 2018 Have you got any sponsor who might be interested in part

  • Office Hours: Watch the Videos - 2019

    Below are the Office Hours videos that have been recorded. This is a gold mine for ideas, training, tips & tricks and info - please read the "in this video" section, and click on the time stamp to be

  • MAR 2018: #SGWomen + Calendar + Check-in + New Team + SGEurope

    IN THIS NEWSLETTER May = #SGWomen Month Check-in App #Startup Grind Europe 2018 Google for Entrepreneurs New Team Members State of the Nation #SGWomen - Host a Female Leader on your stage in May For a

  • MAY 2020 | AWSThanks + SGWomen + Memberships


  • JAN 2018: California Love - Can’t wait to see you!

    1. Get Ready for Global 135 directors will be travelling to San Francisco, California, USA in just a few days time for the biggest annual Startup Grind gathering: our flagship Global Conference. Every

  • Aug 2020 (part 2) | Townhouse Call + Opportunities

    Wow is this month speeding along - We’ve had some great pitch competitions, we’ve had some great AWS Africa events and we had a great event with Brad Feld last night! Up next week (2nd Sep 2020) -

  • SEP 2017: Startup with Google + Ambassadors + Mentors

    Photo Credit: Startup Grind Cape Town Mid-Year Party breaks the record with the 5th highest registered attendees in all time (960 tickets) for a local event! - Tel Aviv is still at number 1 with 1100

  • Workshop Tips and Tricks

    So, You Want to Host a Stellar Workshop? We’ve worked with many of our longstanding active directors to pull their best practices for hosting a workshop. We hope their experiences and insights can hel

  • JUN 2019 | July Summer/Winter Parties + SG Global 2020 Launch

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #SGEurope - Wrap up + Pictures and Videos #JulySummerWinterParty - July is Party Time + Global 2020 Launch #SGWomenRecap - Another fantastic #SGWomen Month

  • DEC 2018: #Global2019 + #StartupProgram + #YearEndParty

    IN THIS NEWSLETTER #Webinar1000 - Help us spread the word, let’s hit our 600 Chapter Goal! #GoogleForStartups - Share some great stories from your chapter #Global2019 - Tshirt Competition + Free TIcke

  • Livestream Events

    Thanks to Anthony Covington (Houston, Texas) for this great insight... What do I need to LIVESTREAM... TL:DR: You need a phone on a selfie stick - otherwise... a pc, camera and mic for a minimum decen

  • FEB 2018: The Time of Our Lives - THANK YOU!

    Note from Derek: Massive thank you to everyone for the effort to get to the Bay Area for the global event a few weeks ago. People sacrifice a lot to get here each February and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

  • APR 2020 | #SGVirtual + AWS Mentorship Month + Coronavirus Updates

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #SGVirtual #OfficialArtAssets #ChapterDirectorOfTheMonth #AWSMentorshipMonth #Coronavirus #H12020Cohort #CommunityTeamUpdates #LevelUp Greetings Director, We hope

  • Director Town Hall Newsletter - Sept 2020

    We announced some big news at our Town Hall Call yesterday. If you haven’t digested yesterday’s announcements yet - don't worry, neither have we! If you want to watch the recording of the event,

  • OCT 2017: 300 Chapters + #SG200 + Grow with Google

    Photo Credit: Directors on the stage of Startup Grind Barcelona Conference! 1. 300 Chapters We are proud to announce that we have hit a major milestone in Startup Grind: 300 active chapters! Our amazi

  • JUN 2018: #SGEurope-Wrapup + #YearPlan + #ArtWork

    IN THIS NEWSLETTER #SGEurope-Wrapup #YearPlan #ArtWork #SGParty #SGBlockchain #SGRegional-Conferences #T-Shirt-Contest #Opportunities #SGEurope-Wrapup That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who attended

  • MAR 2019 | SGGlobal + April2019 + LATAM + BrandGuidelines

    Important Topics In This Newsletter Payouts - Pay Local Leaders via Bevy #SGEurope - Book those tickets / be an affiliate #April2019 - Regional Conferences #SGPanel - Please host a panel in April

  • APR 2017: SG Europe, Dashboard Releases, Help is at Hand + Much More!

    Photo credit: Startup Grind Chengdu (China) - Photo taken by our very own Community Manager in Asia - @Jan! Startup Grind Europe is coming up! We're excited to be launching the Country Program at Star

  • MAY 2019 | Level Up Your Chapter + SG Women + Event Promotion + July Party Assets

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #SGEurope 2019 All info + 2 week countdown #TeamChanges Hello Jessica, Daniel & Madeline #SGWomen May = Women's Month #PartyArtAssets July Party - here's your Art A

  • DEC 2019 | Global Conference + Directors Summit + Celebrate the End of the Year

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #DirectorOfTheMonth #CelebrateTheEOY #AnnualDirectorsSurvey #Global2020+#DirectorsSummit #UnconferenceAgendaSuggestions #DirectorAwardsNominations #StartupProgram

  • SEP 2019 | #CohortLiftOff + WorkshopMonth + ThankYouDavidAndPete

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #PartyRecap - A Recap of our parties over the past few months #StartupProgramOpportunity - The Startup Program needs your help! #WorkshopMonth - Sept 2019 - Tips &

  • NOV 2019 | Surveys, Startup Program, Awards and so much more

    Wow, it's nearly December and America will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week and many countries will be going on holiday very soon. The year has totally flown by - however, there are some really

  • Startup Membership AMA

    MAY 2020 / STARTUP MEMBERSHIP AMA WITH DIRECTORS Three calls with directors and the subsequent notes and responses: Summary of next steps from all 3 calls**: Membership overview Click here to read

  • Hosting Startup Grind Virtual Events (Bevy)

    This article outlines the basic functions of Bevy Virtual Creating a Bevy Virtual Event In order to leverage Bevy Virtual to host your next virtual event, follow the instructions below: Start by

  • NOV 2019 | Surveys, Startup Program, Awards and SO much more

    Wow, it’s nearly December and America will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week! How the year has flown by. There are some really great things happening, so please do read through all the sections

  • Where I Went Wrong

    Below is a personal article G wrote after his second event ever (back in 2013). Back then we were on Basecamp - and all the directors would chat in there - like we do now in Slack - only that we