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#BevyDashboard / SystemUpdate

We know there have been a lot of technical issues lately when it comes to managing your chapter - emails and sponsor invoices on the Bevy Dashboard (the system you use to manage your chapter’s website), integration with Meetup, etc.

We apologize for the headaches these have caused as our primary focus is making sure you are able to easily host events every month. Please know that the devs are on it. Bevy has recently hired a great person in the customer success team. One of their primary roles is supporting Startup Grind - both in terms of fixing bugs and adding features that have been requested by YOU! They’ve been a huge help to getting these issues fixed as fast as possible.

Please report any technical issues to the Community Team by following this protocol:

  1. Email
  2. Provide as much background info to the problem as possible:
    1. Your name
    2. Chapter name
    3. Event link
    4. What date (and time) it happened
    5. What steps were followed
    6. What steps were taken after the issue occurred to resolve it
    7. Attendee name and attendee email address, if applicable
    8. Order number, if applicable
    9. Sponsor invoice number, if applicable
  3. Take and send screenshots

We have created a priorities list and are working closely with Bevy to ensure we get the top issues solved first. Should you have a bug, please report to following the protocol above. If you have a feature request, please check for it here, or if you can’t find it, please submit it here.


Office hours are a chance for Directors to come together to share tips, ask questions, and reconnect. Thanks to everyone that attended our September Office Hours last week. It’s always fun to catch up and hear about the amazing things you’re doing around the world. If you ever aren’t able to make one of our monthly Office Hours, you can see what you missed by visiting > Office Hours. Here’s the link to our September Office Hours.

Join us one of our October Office Hours that fits your timezone. Click here to sign up.


Welcome to our newest chapter directors! In September, 65 new members joined the #SGFamily - yip, that’s a BIG 6-5!! Check out the link to see when our next Cohort Calls will be held for all directors that joined in September.


October is #SG300 month where we aim to host 300 events around the world in 1 month.

This annual competition began 3 years ago - the community was growing and Derek Anderson, CEO of Startup Grind, asked the Community Team to find out what directors needed from HQ. After much surveying, jumping onto calls and several hours of brainstorming, the answer came back that the directors would love to help HQ break records and show the world how incredible our community is. And so, our annual competition began. The goal is to try to host as many events as possible in 1 month and break all previous records in history. The original number was 150, hence #SG150. Today, we’re well beyond that and this year we’re targeting 300 events in October across all 490+ chapters within Startup Grind.

The most events we’ve ever had in 1 month was 202 events this May during Female Founders Month. We totally believe we can crush our #SG300 goal in October. Help us do it!

If you don’t have an event up yet in October, do everything you can to make it happen. Heck, you could even host more than 1! (We’ve heard that Hong Kong is doing 3 and Beijing is doing 6!)

Feel free to use the art assets that have been created by our talented designer, Ginny Digón. Check them out here!


Startup Grind’s Global Conference will be here before we know it. Are you getting excited like we are?! We can’t wait to see you all in a few months.

In 2 weeks time, we’ll be sending out an email invitation with a survey that you need to fill out. Please fill it out whether you are coming or not. With that invite, we’ll also announce some really exciting products that we’ll be launching for Global Conference 2019. We really hope these products will help you in your LOCAL communities, but also make global the most amazing conference to date. Stay tuned :)

For those that want to start planning your trip to Silicon Valley (all Directors and Co-Directors are welcome) - please keep track of all the latest info at


One important thing to note for our international directors is information on applying for a Visa. You can apply for a US Visa 90 days in advance of your trip but you may want to start pulling together information now so that once November arrives, you’ll be ready to send in your information. More info on the Global Conference FAQ page.  


Everything you need to know about the Startup Program can be found here on Help Scout. This is a big part of the conference and is a great way to get startups in your community connected to global opportunities within the Startup Grind network. They can apply to exhibit here.


If you don’t know that Startup Grind is in massive growth mode you must be living under a rock!  We are aiming to grow our community to 600 chapters by the end of 2018 and continue to strive toward achieving our vision to educate, inspire and connect every entrepreneur in the world. We’re up to 490+ chapters and need your help reaching the final cities and universities.

We are hosting two upcoming webinars on October 9 and 10 on what it takes to start a Startup Grind chapter in your city. Please help us drive awareness of these events by sharing this link with your networks and on social media.

If you know someone that would be an amazing chapter director, please send them to this link to apply.


The Republic of Estonia has partnered with Startup Grind to help entrepreneurs around the world establish and grow global companies. Some of our best Chapters have been chosen to run the campaign in their cities and, if successful, we’ll be featuring this program at 20 Startup Grind chapter’s this year.

Get access to one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial regions with the most unicorns and startups per capita in Europe and run your company securely online from anywhere in the world, without paperwork. Stay within the EU business environment - privacy, VAT ID, etc - without the headaches of local bureaucracy. Click here to find out more or to apply.

Thanks all and Happy October!


Derek, G, Candace, Bruce, Jelle + Farheen