Speaker Pipeline

In order to get great speakers, you need to have a plan.

  1. Start small, with easy speakers, easy to reach, easy to get onto stage
  2. Build your confidence as an interviewer, and also how you ask speakers to speak
  3. Eventually you'll get better at asking speakers
  4. You'll also be able to get bigger and better speakers
  5. ALWAYS aim for big speakers - but not from the start

In order to execute on the above plan, start by keeping track of who you'd like to have speak. Then as your chapter grows, you can reach out to better speakers.

Here's a template that we use to help keep track.

  1. Write down all the speakers you want to speak
  2. Insert whether you think they are easy to get or more challenging under "speaker type"
  3. Fill in rest of the info
  4. Plan when you want to have the speaker - ensure that venue and date is set (unless venue is flexible with dates)
  5. Keep speaker sheet up to date

Download The Speaker Pipeline Template Here

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