Startup Membership: Refer your Startups

This document has all the details about the Referral Links - it also addresses all the questions that were asked in the AMA with Alex regarding the Startup Membership Program (You can see what was asked here: May AMA with Alex)

NOTE: There are 2 different referral links - Golden Ticket + Referral Link. Since the membership is now free for accepted startups, you can choose to use either of the 2 links. You have an unlimited number of referrals, so refer as many as you can!

To see what startups get when they apply, please go here:

Referral/Golden Ticket Link:

  • Unlimited number of referrals per Director
  • Referred startups are fast-tracked to the final vetting stage
  • Accepted startups get free access to all the membership benefits (no credit card needed)

Referral/Golden Ticket: Email Template for Directors to share

Hi [NAME],

As your local Startup Grind Chapter Director, I am able to refer top early-stage startups in my region, which fast-tracks each startup to the final vetting stage for free access to our Startup Membership. I am super happy to say I’d like to nominate [COMPANY] for this opportunity!

Our Startup Membership will offer you unique value across the following areas throughout year year: 

  • Access VCs through exposure & direct introduction opportunities
  • Learn directly from Tier 1 VC Partners + Unicorn Founders across a minimum of 52 exclusively tailored private events
  • Drive brand awareness & lead generation through promotion in SG articles
  • Reduce burn rate with exclusive credits from partners like AWS, Google, Mailchimp, Oracle, Twilio, Freshworks + more 
  • Network with & receive support from a global community of other startup founders & leadership teams on the online forum 

Please fill out this 2-minute form [ Insert golden ticket/referral link] ASAP and the Startup Team will get in touch with you to let you know if you have been approved!

Let me know how it goes!


Director Referral: Email & Social Media Templates for Director to share

Text for Post-Event Emails to Promote Personal Referral Link

Looking for a community that helps startups level up? Check out Startup Grind’s Startup Membership and join us now. Use my personal referral link to apply and get priority access! → [add PERSONAL REFERRAL LINK]

Social Media Templates to Promote Personal Referral Link

Big news from @startupgrind – we just created a new online membership to support #startups! Get access to curated content, intimate roundtables, investor intros, partner discounts, and more. Use this link to apply and get free access now (if accepted) → [ add PERSONAL REFERRAL LINK]

Looking for a community that helps startups level up? Check out Startup Grind Membership and join us now. Use my personal link to apply and get free access (if accepted)! → [ add PERSONAL REFERRAL LINK] #StartupGrind #startupgrindmembership #startup

Membership Creatives + Design

Additional Collateral

A selection of articles we have written about our startups as examples of how we promote them:

Minimum Expected Startup Criteria:

This program is designed for startups, not services. i.e. this is not for accountants or freelancers etc.

  • Product must have launched 
  • There must be a full-time team of 2 or more people
  • Venture-backed is a bonus, but not absolutely necessary
  • Bonus points:
    • A meaningful number of active users
      • Eg if it’s a B2B SaaS startup, it’s good if they have paying customers (or, at minimum, companies on active free trials)
      • If it’s a B2C startup, then monthly active user numbers at least in the high 100s/1000s would be expected
    • They are revenue-generating
      • Eg if B2B SaaS, they have paying clients. The better B2B SaaS companies we’ve had in the past have been generating monthly revenues of at least $10k+ 
      • Eg if B2C, the revenue doesn’t matter as much provided that they have a large number of initial users as above

Please find your personalised Golden Ticket Link as well as your Director Referral Links here - use search button on top right to find your name quickly.

Please Note: 

  • This only applies to Directors
  • If your name is not below, please reach out to so that we can figure out what went wrong, and send you your links

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