JUL 2020 | Global PitchBattle + COVID Policy

So much is happening here at HQ as we work tirelessly to bring more and more value to our directors, our partners as well as our entire global community.

After sending monthly newsletters we’ve come to a point where there’s simply too much info for a single newsletter, so moving forward we are trying to commit to 2 shorter newsletters per month. This will allow us to get more pertinent information to you, our beloved directors, faster - but also not overwhelm you with all the things that are going on.

We are also going to standardise the Office Hours, plus bring in some cool new training and other features to the Office Hours over coming months.

Coming up in this Newsletter - we are super excited to announce the #SGPitchBattle Playbook as well as some guidelines for COVID-19 “going back to in-person” events.

Coming up later this month will be a pitch deck to help you with securing sponsorships as well as info regarding our next cohort - so be sure to whitelist this email address, and bookmark your diaries!

#SGPitchBattle Playbook

For the month of August, we will be rolling out the #SGPitchBattles. This will be an opportunity for you to bring top startups in your community together to participate in an online pitch competition, as an alternative to the Summer Parties. 

The top 3 startups of each Chapter's Pitch Battle will get free membership into the Startup Membership Program. The winning startups, in conjunction with startup members from all around the world, will be selected for the Startup Grind Global Pitch Competition in September, and a chance to win many exciting prizes.

Want to take part? Here’s 2 things to note:

  1. We have put together a playbook, which can be found here
  2. We’ve created a new “event type” - when you create a NEW EVENT, you’ll see an event type called “Pitch Battle” - there are 4 of them - choose the one most relevant to you

Moving Back to In-Person Events

We have seen a few chapters make a move back to in-person events in the past few weeks, whether that is a hybrid zoom/in-person event or having your community gather in a physical location. The world has changed, and we have put together some suggestions that help you run your in-person events more efficiently and safely.

Signage Template: On our Google Slides Template gallery, we have new templates available for your in-person events. These are standard templates, please change this based on your local area restrictions.

COVID-19 Policy: We have released a new COVID-19 policy for advice on how to run your in-person events. Review our COVID-19 policy here, and please be mindful that you are responsible for your attendee’s health and safety at your events. Please take as many steps and precautions as possible to keep you, your team, and your attendees as safe as possible. 

Startup Program Update:

Golden Tickets: 

A BIG thank you to all the 94 amazing directors, who referred a total of 231 startups last month via the Golden Tickets. All 94 of you are entitled to refer 1 more startup each month for a 1 year free membership via the same golden ticket link!

Our Star Directors so far: 

A special shout out to our star directors, who managed to get all 3 of their golden ticket startups registered (as on 5th July):

  • Chris Haug
  • Jessica Acosta Jaquez
  • Alexander Gorsuch
  • Colin Donohue
  • Haykanush Hovhannisyan
  • Henry Soo
  • Kelvin Chikezie
  • Siva Raghavi
  • Saravanana Kumar 
  • Tal Berman. 

You guys are amazing, thank you!

Just a reminder: 

You can still refer an unlimited number of startups for 3 months free membership via your personal referral link. See more details here - https://help.startupgrind.com/article/558-startup-membership

Super Connector Director:

Any director who has referred 10 or more confirmed members (via Golden Ticket + Referral + August Pitch Competition winners) by the end of August, will be mentioned in one of our Medium Articles as a ‘Super Connector Director’. So, keep sharing that referral link as much as you can!

One last thing:

Startup Pitch Competition is launching in August. More details here.

August Office Hours

Click here to RSVP for the upcoming Office Hours calls for August. Bookmark this page for future reference!

Please note that moving forward, Office Hours calls will take place in the first week of the new month rather than the last week of the current month.

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