How to achieve the best quality on Bevy Virtual

Video Quality

  1. Video quality and experience will vary per attendee
  2. Bevy Virtual scales video up and down per attendee
  3. Should attendee have strong connection and strong device, connection will be clean and solid
  4. Should attendee have weak internet or device, the platform may at points do any any of the following:
    1. Turn off others videos from your view - you may still be able to hear them - Bevy Virtual does this in order to keep audio running and not disconnect you from the event
    2. It may turn off your own video briefly from others view.
  5. Bevy Virtual runs within the browser and is not a stand alone desktop app
  6. The following can impact performance in browser:
    1. Browsers may have other tabs running the background.
    2. Extensions like snap camera (or other virtual camera's) can cause trouble.
    3. Other apps running on a computer
    4. Hardware specs - older laptops may just not handle a busy video session well. 
Note: In addition to the above, general internet connection and stability can vary per event and this is not something Bevy can control.