Is there an event checklist?

Once you have a great speaker, a date has been set, and you have prepared for your interview, it is time to make sure you plan the logistics in advance to help everything go as smoothly as possible.  Here is a basic event checklist you can build off for your chapter’s needs:

Before Posting the Event

  • I have a great speaker who can educate and inspire a room full of entrepreneurs and attract a good crowd.
  • I have the speaker’s bio and picture to publish with the event.
  • I have a convenient date for my event that preferably does not conflict with any holidays or major gatherings.
  • I have a definite price for tickets in my region.

After Posting the Event

  • I have announced the event with date, speaker bio and picture - ideally about a month ahead of time.
  • I have a venue with a specific address and enough room for my attendees.
  • I have sponsor and partner logos as well as summaries and links for each.
  • I have a provider for food and beverages for the event, as well as a way to serve them (cups, plates, utensils).
  • I have audio/visual support from a team member with good equipment that will be able to capture crisp audio.
  • I have a Startup Grind banner printed.
  • I have shared my event with best local marketing channels and press.
  • I have personally invited VIPs and local connectors to the event with free passes.

2 Weeks Before the Event

  • I’ve double-checked my audio and visual tools & volunteer to handle the camera.
  • I’ve recruited one or two volunteers to do check-in at the door and help with set-up.
  • I’ve double-checked the availability of my speaker and attempted to hold a call/meeting to prepare them for the interview.
  • I have marketed my event.
  • I have invited additional VIPs and press to the event as free guests.
  • I have shared re-shared the event via social media and my own communities each week.

Day Before the Event

  • I’ve triple-checked the availability of my speaker.
  • I’ve triple-checked the venue, audio-visual, and food.
  • I’ve gotten name tags for the event, as well as markers for writing names in.
  • If I’ve decided to accept purchases at the door I have taken out cash to give change. I made sure I have a way to record these sales.
  • I have enough video storage and battery power to record a 45-75 minutes interview.

Day Of the Event

  • I have a sign or PowerPoint with the event’s Twitter handles (@StartupGrind, @Speaker, @Host).
  • I have a check-in list or tablet/phone.
  • I have tested the microphones for myself and my speaker and have a backup.
  • I have done a test video to check sound and quality of video and audio.
  • I have set up the room with space for chairs, reception, a sound/video area, and space for food and beverages. I have also put together a sponsor booth, if appropriate.
  • I have signs up to give directions to my venue and the bathrooms in the venue.

After the Event

  • I have sent my speaker a thank you email and politely requested recommendations to other entrepreneurs in their network.
  • I have sent a thank you to my sponsors and confirmed their involvement in my next event.
  • I have sent out a wrap-up email to my community summarizing some takeaways and thanking them for coming.
  • I have edited my event video to include start and end Startup Grind logo bumpers.
  • I have uploaded my video to the Startup Grind Local channel with the proper title, tags, and description.
  • I have sent in my event invoice to receive payment from Startup Grind.
  • I have announced my next event!