What should I do to film a good video?

The difference between a terrible video and a good video is tied to thoughtfulness more than even hard work. A good videographer may follow these guidelines with a simple handheld camera.

  • Positioning: The frame of the camera should capture your speaker and host from the waist up. The camera should be positioned in a central location rather than record from an angle.  If you have more than one camera add one that captures the guest at an angle.
  • Handling: Captured video is best when the camera is operated by someone to focus on faces and the speaker during appropriate moments. A stationary view for an hourlong talk will inevitably bore some viewers.
  • Audio: The best audio will be captured by the microphones. Using this audio over the recorded video will increase the quality of the whole production exponentially by making you and the speaker much easier to hear. Bad audio can ruin a great video.
  • Branding: The Startup Grind city banner should be located centrally behind you and the interviewee. No other sponsor logos are made visible in the recording.  Also, make sure to add the Startup Grind Bumper to the beginning and end of the video when editing.

For more info go here: https://help.startupgrind.com/article/466-livestream-events