What do I need to do/know about AV?

Most Startup Grind events are very simple get-together events, but by hosting consistent events each month, you attract sponsors, and as time goes on, you are able to afford amazing visuals, such as this example of Startup Grind Cape Town:

One very important piece of Startup Grind events around the world is filming and video. Aside from our great community and even greater directors, our videos set us apart from other local networking/educational events. When you have 40 attendees come to an event, only 40 are impacted, but once it is put online it can help entrepreneurs around the world.

Having a very good AV setup is crucial and it is essential to figure out how to set up video for the first event and continue on at a monthly basis.

When it come to video we do not have any strict requirements aside from getting the very best video and audio possible. The better the video (at least 720p if possible) and the better the better the audio (wired audio/direct line to the camera) the more likely people will actually watch it.

Here is a great example from Stockholm in Sweden.

The last requirement we have is to make sure the official Startup Grind bumpers are added to the front and end of the video - please go here: https://help.startupgrind.com/article/121-upload-my-video