Livestream Events

Thanks to Anthony Covington (Houston, Texas) for this great insight...

What do I need to LIVESTREAM...

TL:DR: You need a phone on a selfie stick - otherwise... a pc, camera and mic for a minimum decent setup. Add lights, a more powerful computer, an additional camera, a camera switcher and audio mixer for ideal

Let's start with basics then specs: 
First up, *Audience*: Everyone gets excited about HD 4K 8K resolution but the truth is the majority of people will watch your stream on their mobile phone.  Anything above 720p won't matter because of the phone's physical screen size (even "phablets" are too small).  In many cases, 480p will work just fine since people aren't reading anything for SG.  This flexibility becomes important when you have to determine your internet needs.
Next *Audio*: This may seem strange but audio is the most important part of video.  People will watch a bad video if it has good sound but they will not watch a great picture with terrible sound.  Since you are most likely using a computer to do a live stream, investing in a usb microphone is a good idea.
*Light*: Light is the magic elixir to video.  Light makes amazing improvements to video.  Light also tends to be expensive.  If you can afford lights, even the small photographer LED lights, then do it.  If not, pick an SG location that's lit very well.  During summer months, places with natural lighting (the sun) can work well.  Be careful though, see your potential location at the time you would do SG so you can see if the "sun in your face" phenomenon will ruin your shot.  I can talk more about this if you want.
*Internet*: No juice, no views. As a rule of thumb, you want to have 2x your requirements for internet.  2x will give you overflow room and not cap your stream.  You don't want your audience to buffer.  Since we are streaming 720p, see *audience* above, you need about 5mb/s UPSTREAM (2.5 mb/s x 2).  NOTE: Upstream internet is data that you UPLOAD to the internet (video, audio, text and photos).  Many internet service providers (here in the US especially) only give you DOWNSTREAM or consumer speeds.  Make sure you ask what your Upload speeds are.  You are a producer now. :slightly_smiling_face: As referenced in *Audience* above, you can get away with 480p video due to many people watching your stream on phones.  2mb/s upload is fine for 480p (important if you are in a space with internet restrictions).

Now to @davidbutler's question: let's keep it inexpensive... I will assume that you are streaming to YouTube.  *Minimum Setup*: PC with at least an intel i5 processor, a 720p resolution webcam, a usb microphone, obs ( software. Hardware store floodlight is optional but can help.
*Ideal setup*: Like a newsroom... Two stand alone cameras 1080p or better resolution, two lapel microphones, audio mixer, video switchboard (Tricaster for example), ample internet - 25mb/s up, a pc with xeon processor and powerful gpu chip. 3 point lighting setup.
Oh and the most important part of the *ideal setup*: Having @g as your timekeeper.  "You have  5 minutes..."! :)
To continue with @davidbutler's question *typical first mistakes*: 
  1. Not turning your system "on". (Yes, it happens)
  2. Not checking your sound on the video and it is too loud (distorted) or too soft. (You can fix too soft in editing and re-upload.  You can't fix distortion in most cases). 
  3. Not monitoring the stream as your signal can drop and leave viewers in the dark.  
  4. Speaking of dark, not having enough light. Cameras see differently than humans.  I am sure I can think of more over time.
Oh and another mistake.  Not saving a backup recording to your live stream. A backup can get you out of a jam easily.
Note: For Mac users, Apple can work very well for this, if you have the money.

Minimum Viable Mobile Setup (MVMS)

There is a *Minimum Viable Setup (MVS)* (mobile):  A mobile phone, a small tripod and a bluetooth microphone (a light may help here as well).  Internet restrictions apply. Also, Depending on how long your event lasts, you may have to supply power and have a backup mic. (edited) 
or what kind of details are you looking?  Bluetooth can be hit or miss.  Thinking about how I can get sponsorship from a Bluetooth company to test stuff (for SG no doubt) :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
You want a *middle* setup...?  Because A/V in general breaks the bank...
You could use a Mevo with an external mic (Bluetooth) also.
I guess defining the budget would be great here.  Breaking the bank is different for different people.


Talk to @anthonycov - Anthony Covington (Houston, Texas) - on slack if you need more info
Talk to @colin - Colin Donohue (Tblisi, Georgia) - he live-streamed his 500 person event to a town with 60 more people, 100 km's away.