MAY 2017: Smashing Records With Awesome Directors + #SGParty + #SGWomen!


Photo credit: Startup Grind Barcelona (Spain) - 3rd Year Anniversary!

Thanks to all the chapter directors that took part in #FemaleFounders month this May. We had nearly 100 #SGWomen on stage telling their incredible stories.

Smashing Records

Startup Grind is a growing community. We set unbelievable targets that seem incredible and daunting. Until we smash them and set a new record. May 2017 is one of those months.

  • 250+ active chapters
  • 155 events in a single month

Who would have thought?

And this is just a start. We’re planning to hit 300 active chapters by end of this year, with an amazing pipeline of fantastic applications. If you know anyone that you think might be a great Director, please recommend them to join us by applying here:

We’re also planning to hit 200 events in October (#SG200), so if you are planning to host an event in late September or early November, please think again! We need EVERYBODY to make #SG200 as successful as #SG150 last year. Who’s with us?

New Chapters

We are thrilled to have so many excellent applicants lately, check out the new/reactivated cities we approved in May:

Tamale, Ghana
Tulsa, United States Beirut, Lebanon
Lviv, Ukraine Paris, France Luanda, Angola
Leipzig, Germany Hangzhou, China Kakinada, India
Douala, Cameroon Dakar, Senegal Varna, Bulgaria
Blantyre, Malawi Barrington, United States Santiago, Dominican Republic
Xi'an, China Memphis, USA Caracas, Venezuela
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Moscow, Russia
Colorado Springs, USA
Geneva, Switzerland Las Vegas, USA Polokwane, South Africa
Cleveland, USA
Boise, USA Algiers, Algeria
Bristol, UK Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fayetteville, United States
Detroit, USA Miami, USA  Calgary, Canada
*Yip, 33 chapters in 1 month!

Also, keep an eye on the SG Director FB Group: as we’ll be asking all new Directors to introduce themselves there.  Go ahead and intro yourself, too!

Startup Grind Europe

The second Conference of the year is happening in less than 2 weeks in London. We’re planning a short version of the Directors retreat on June 13th, so if you haven’t booked your tickets yet, please do so ASAP so we can count you in!

You can find all the details about #SGEurope here:

Featured Cities

If you wish to be featured, please tweet your full house image with the following Hashtags:

#StartupGrind and #FullHouse

Barcelona, Spain

250 people attended the 3rd year anniversary of the BCN chapter - well done Director of the year, Alex!


Ardabil, Iran

Incredible start from a brand new chapter!


Khartoum‏, Sudan

Our Middle East Regional Director, Ahmed, is taking it to the next level in Khartoum!



July is traditionally the month where we bring this amazing community together in huge networking events. They can be free and without a speaker, and they come with awesome custom art assets curated by HQ. In fact, this year we have 2 versions of the Mid-Year Party:

Summer & Winter Party:

...because, Startup Grind is a global organization operating in 100+ countries, so it’s not Summer everywhere ;)

Please make sure you publish your July events, it’s an excellent opportunity to grow your lists attracting new people and have some serious fun with your local startup community!

ALL ART ASSETS - CAN BE FOUND HERE (even from last year)

Director Office Hours

We are committed to providing all the tools and help you need to be successful in your chapter.  As you know, last month we released a new help library FULL of useful tips and info:

This month we have another help tool - we will be offering Director Office Hours every month where you can chat live with a member of the community team and/or a seasoned Director. The call content will be discussed on Slack before taking place and will consist of both educational content and Q&A time.

Our June Director Office Hours will be:

  • Wednesday June 7th: 11am-1pm Pacific Time (GMT-7) w/Christie
  • Wednesday June 14th: Live in London w/Dimitris*
  • Wednesday June 21st: 11:00-13:00 Beijing Time (GMT+8) w/Jan

*Directors in the EU can access live Office Hours with Dimitris at the #SGEurope Conference in London during the Director's Retreat on June 13th.

The link to join each Office Hours will be published in the announcement channel in Slack 30 min before start.  Attend the whole time or just pop in for a few min with your questions.

Bevy Feature Requests

Make sure to keep posting all feature requests in UserVoice. We love all the new ideas!

If you have any questions or queries, please email or discuss on slack! (

Bevy Release Notes For May

Here are the May Release Notes for BEVY (Only some features have been switched on for Startup Grind)

Thanks for all the amazing work this past month!

Startup Grind Community Team
(Derek, Jan, Christie, Dimitris and G) 

PS: Have Q’s or need help? Visit our Director help library at: