JUN 2017: #SGParty + Artwork Galore!


It’s Party Time!

July is the month that Startup Grind brings the community together in a unique opportunity to have some fun...it’s time for the mid-year party! You are strongly encouraged to host networking events (can be free and without a speaker) that would celebrate one of our values: make friends, not just contacts.

This year, we actually have two versions of the mid-year party, that can cater for both hemispheres. Yes, we are a global organization and that means that in some places it’s actually winter ;)

Choose the custom art assets that HQ has prepared and update your social media profiles / newsletters accordingly: http://bit.ly/sgparty2017

Pro Tip 1: Get all artwork here:


Pro Tip 2: Find out about party ideas and info here:


New Business Card Designs

It’s been awhile since HQ has updated our business card designs, but it’s now time to find the coolest new templates that will satisfy all your networking needs.

Download the open .PSD files here: http://bit.ly/2017BusinessCards

Pro Tip 1: Get all artwork by searching “artwork” or “graphics” in the Knowledgebase:



Startup Grind Europe - Content

Thank you all for coming to the London conference - it was great having you in Startup Grind Europe. For the first time, we captured all the content delivered during the Director’s Day. You can watch the video online and browse through the slides (where applicable) from the links below.

Special thanks to Denise from Gibraltar that arranged the Directors Day to be hosted in Gibraltar House in London. Great venue, yummy food and awesome hospitality!


New Backgrounds

If you want to use the new designs that we deployed for Startup Grind Europe, please feel free to find them here. You’ll need to create a local copy before you edit!

It’s the best way to personalize the experience at the day of your event, using a welcome message for your attendees and awesome headshots for your speaker ;)

Europe Conference 2017 Slides.jpg

Great speakers in local events

Very few emails are more exciting to eyes than seeing an amazing speaker with global brand and clout grace the stage at a non-Silicon Valley city. Recently Andrea from Milan secured the co-founder of Facebook and the founder of Quora Adam D'Angelo (check the event page here).

Adam lives here in the Valley and even Derek has never been able to get him to speak.

These types of events aren't possible every month, but your goal should be 1-2 times per year to get someone that is so huge that even your parents will want to come hear them. :)

They may own a sports team, they may have started a huge fast food company, they may be a movie star (Pablo got a woman recently that had her own Netflix comedy special in Mexico), but these people will elevate your local brand. Talk to them about being creative, how they come up with ideas, how they built their teams. We have so much to learn from them!

NOTE!!!! When you do get them - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE capture great audio/video so we can use and promote it globally. Joe in Los Angeles did this a few years ago with Gary Vaynerchuk and the video has been used again and again by Gary with over 300k views on Facebook and YouTube. :-)

Speaking of Gary Vaynerchuk, Startup Grind Hong Kong will host Gary in July. Let's see if they can beat Joe's reach and impact. :-)

Instagram Posts

Our amazing design team has created a bunch of cool instagram posts that you can utilize in your local social media (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram). They feature amazing quotes from top speakers, so they can definitely raise great engagement (ie. likes and comments).

You can find them here: http://bit.ly/SocialPostsAug17

Office Hours

Last month we hosted our first Office Hours - a chance for Directors to come together to share tips, ask questions, and reconnect.  It went very well!  We are going to offer Office Hours again this month, join us for the one that fits your timezone:


  • Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA): Thursday 6th July, 3-4pm GMT with Dimitris
  • Click link below to add to your calendar


  • Americas: Wednesday 7/19, 11-12am Pacific time with Christie
  • Click link below to add to your calendar


Startup Grind fills up the spaces around the world

Do you want to showcase your chapter to the Startup Grind community? Share similar pictures of your event on Twitter with hashtags #fullhouse &#startupgrind

Shenzhen, China

140 people in the room

This event was also featured on the local Shenzhen TV. Well done!

Cape Town, South Africa

220 people in the room

Startup Grind Cape Town hosted Allen Ambor, who started a local restaurant chain called Spur 50 years ago. Now in his 70’s he is still part of the Spur group and teaches yoga.


Tirana, Albania

60 people in the room

Well done to Gerti Boshnjaku for taking the reigns over from Endri Mataj and keeping the community alive!


Thanks for all the hard work, and please keep interacting on Slack!Hope you all have amazing summer/winter parties

Startup Grind Community Team 
(Derek, Jan, Christie, Dimitris and G)