APR 2017: SG Europe, Dashboard Releases, Help is at Hand + Much More!

Photo credit: Startup Grind Chengdu (China) - Photo taken by our very own Community Manager in Asia - @Jan!

Startup Grind Europe is coming up!

We're excited to be launching the Country Program at Startup Grind Europe in London on the 14th of June. Here is a quick overview of what the Country Program includes:

  • Exhibition opportunity for 5 of your countries top start-ups/scale-ups as part of the countries exhibition area (focusing on FinTech startups)
  • Attendee tickets: 2 per company, 4 per sponsor organisation
  • Silver level branding for sponsoring country
  • Mention & description in the program (incl. companies)
  • Introductions to investors & Startup Grind's network of VIPs.

The full package (incl 5 companies) costs £15,000.

Here is the presentation with details about the country program for the Startup Grind Europe conference.

We also have some really cool designs that you can use in order to promote Startup Grind Europe in your local community. Our new designer (who has joined Marcela) Eugenia Digon, also from Argentina, curated them with mucho love!

Know any great startups in your local community? You can refer them for our Startup Program! Only 75 will be admitted, slots are being filled up very quickly, so please make sure they apply before it’s too late!

Last but not least, don’t forget to book your SG Europe Conference tickets here (Only for Directors and Co-directors).

[UPDATE] ComCast Female Founder's Month

Unfortunately, ComCast decided to only support 12 cities (see below) with sponsorship this year. We did our best to point out how big of a mistake they are doing but it didn't work.

However, we are still running Startup Grind Female Founder's Month in May to show them what they missed out on and to sell them even bigger sponsorship next year. We already have 45 chapters that locked in a female speaker but we are shooting for at least 100 female founders globally. Please help us!

If you are in one of these 12 cities watch for info to come in the next week - we’ll fill you in on the full scoop shortly!

  • Denver: Nancy Fitzgerald May 11
  • Chicago: Genevieve Thiers  May 16
  • Fort Lauderdale: Maxeme Tuchman May 16
  • Boston: Parul Singh  May 18
  • Columbia: Julie Lenzer May 22
  • Washington DC: Susan Tynan May 23
  • London: Reshma Sonomi May 25
  • Buffalo, NY: Rachel Jackson May 25
  • Charleston: Belinda Hare May 25
  • Seattle: Michel Feaster May 30
  • San Antonio: Sarah Helmy May 31
  • Dublin, Ireland: Nicola McClafferty May 31

Art assets - if you haven't already, find the Female Founders Month art assets on this link and use them to promote your events in May.

Go ahead and use these assets on your Twitter and Facebook pages to show everybody

Three Exciting New Features In the Dashboard + Many More!

Look at the FULL list of latest releases at the bottom of the email, but below are our 2 favourite updates this month.

1. Drag and Drop Images into Newsletter

Did you know that you now drag and drop images to your newsletters directly in the dashboard tool? When creating a new newsletter simply drag the image you wish to insert from your computer/drive and drop into the “Message” box.

2. Add images from the event to your event page! (Our favorite new feature)

When wrapping up your event, you can now also insert images so that everybody who comes to your page can see how amazing your events are that you host. It's another way how to promote your community. Take advantage of that. - Here’s a good example.

Dashboard > Events > Wrap-up

3. “Q” has been launched

“Q” as it’s affectionately known as (The little red question on bottom right) will sit in your dashboard and is there for help anytime! It’s in your dashboard (and on mobile) - and on training process as well as in the knowledge base.

Feel free to ask for help directly from “Q” (It sends a message to Ford)

Help is here!

Although it has been a long time coming we are excited to announce that our first version of a help library for Directors is now live: help.startupgrind.com. Head on over and check it out!

In the knowledge base you’ll find over 75 articles to help you. A few examples:

And so much more!

Once you get a chance to review the articles let us know what more you’d like to see there.

We plan to retire Basecamp very soon so think of this library as your new one-stop shop for information on running an amazing chapter.  What should we add?  Let us know at: ford@startupgrind.com.

Hint: you can also use the red “?” that floats on that page, on the training page, and on the dashboard. “Q” will be able to give you help, so search away, but should you not find anything, then simply send a message, and it will come through to ford@startupgrind.com, where the Community Team will assist you further.

Featured cities

If you wish to be featured, please tweet your full house image with the following Hashtags:

#StartupGrind and #FullHouse


Nearly 100 attendees at chapter Launch - in a city which has only 20,000 inhabitants!

Chengdu, China

Hosted over 120 people in April

Lima, Peru

Hosted over 150 people in March

Veneto, Italy

Hosted over 250 people in April

Get Commission from Bevy

As you may know, Bevy, the technology behind www.startupgrind.com and all of our global chapters, was launched a few months ago and is now available for other companies that need help with scaling their communities.

Some of our clients include: Rise of the Rest, Atlassian, SheWorx, Interactive Minds (Run by our very own Brisbane chapter director, Louisa Dahl) and more.

Do you know any company in your region that might be interested in using Bevy to power their community or user groups?

If so, feel free to send an email intro to bevy@startupgrind.com (subject: “Potential Bevy Client”) and if Derek and the team close them, you will get 10% commission from the deal.

Bevy Release Updates

  1. Add A Photo Gallery To Event Pages
  2. Edit Attendees Info (This does NOT edit their profile info, only their info for that specific event!!) (See info here)
  3. Bio Button Added To Speakers (when 2 or more speakers, please see bottom of this help doc)
  4. Several New Third Party Connections
  5. Check-In Only Permissions Updated

Check out the April Release Notes to see more details about these features.

All of these features were requested directly from you. We really appreciate all of the feedback we are getting from you. Make sure to keep posting all feature requests in UserVoice. We love all the new ideas!


If you have any questions or queries, please email ford@startupgrind.com or discuss on slack! (startupgrind.slack.com)

Thanks for all the amazing work this past month,

Startup Grind Community Team
(Derek, Jan, Christie, Dimitris and G)