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LAST CHANCE! With less than 2 weeks to go, do you have your ticket for the London Conference - you need it in order to get your Directors Badge!

Coming To London - please fill in this form:

For more details on tickets for your team and superstars - go to the “tickets” section on this page:

p.s. at the #SGNationsSymposium (day after Europe Conference) - The community team will be chatting to you about Memberships, Workshops and a slew of new products that we looking at testing.

p.p.s. Still around day after Europe Conference - then Join G and the Team wakeboarding in London - details here

#SG2019 - Coming Soon

While on the subject of Conferences… We’ve setup dedicated websites for both conferences with all the information you as a Director will need. Be sure to bookmark them as we’ll re-use these for all future conferences:

#SGParty - Art Assets

July is traditionally the month where we bring this amazing community together in huge networking events. They can be free (or paid) and without a speaker (or with) - but one thing is for sure - they come with awesome custom art assets curated by HQ:

Please make sure you publish your July events, it’s an excellent opportunity to grow your lists attracting new people and have some serious fun with your local startup community!

p.s. - Yes, you may have a party in June, July or Aug - but July is the official MidYear Party Month here at Startup Grind.

f.y.i. - Look at how nice it looks on the dublin page:

as well as on the events page:


While planning the party, plan the future - here is our plan for Startup Grind Global themes for 2018. Please take note of Blockchain/Crypto month in August. We’d love to have all our directors taking part.

Here is the 2018 Game Plan:


The Startup Grind Nations Symposium is our exclusive niche event specifically for countries and their respective Startup Grind Directors to discuss their entrepreneurial ecosystems and how we can better collaborate on a global level to help our local entrepreneurs.

The event takes place the day after Startup Grind Europe. It will replace what is traditionally the Directors Summit/Retreat for Europe, which is well served by the Directors Summit after Startup Grind Global.

It is only open to Directors and their respective country representatives i.e. Ambassadors and or a country’s Economic & Enterprise Development agency e.g. Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation UK, Enterprise Ireland, Scottish Enterprise etc.

More information here:


What a month! We had 150 Female Founder events for the month of May! We hosted 200 Female speakers in 60 countries, with 6,500 attendees and over 225 hours of content delivered.

This has been our second highest number of events in a single month... ever! (topping out at 202 events this month), massive thanks to you, directors + your teams, for all the hard work you all put into it.


New month, new HQ team members! We’d like to welcome Alexander Gordon-Furse & Emma Pawlowski to the team. Alex is joining as Director of Partnerships (Startups), and Emma as Event & Partnerships Co-ordinator.

Got what it takes? - We're looking for a PR/Marketing Coordinator and an Account/Partnerships Manager to join the team ASAP. If you or anyone you know might be a fit, please send them to: to apply.


We’re very excited for another Regional Conference hosted by Alex Bacardit, this will be the second Regional Conference hosted in Barcelona and knowing Alex, it’s going to be a great one. We highly recommend that you attend, more information here:

Please note the date has changed to 14 November 2018.


You’ll recall that last year we made quite a fuss about a new memberships program, so what’s happening about it?

We’ve been working slowly on the background on it, looking at all options, but with recent team changes and global conference, we’ve had to take a pause on our plans. From July onwards we’ll be working full steam ahead on it.

The other thing holding us back, has been that the Bevy platform needs to accommodate the changes, and till now (and ongoing for next 2 months), the main focus has been the stability of the platform, as well as ensuring that every ticket purchased, is a ticket sold.

This month we made massive headway with regards to this, so if you are still seeing ticketing problems, or attendees reporting that their ticket purchases are causing problems, please email Ford (our helpdesk) immediately with as much information as possible (screenshot, time of day, event link etc.)


1.) You can register attendees using our fancy new app! Your “check-in” staff can also use the app to register attendees as they come in.

Go here for how to download, login and use:

2.) Did you know you can control the information that others see about you on the internet?  

Claim your Contact Profile by visiting today! - click on "Own Your Personal Data" and follow the prompts

(This also powers our help desk, so would be great to have updated info in there for your Startup Grind email address!)


We’ve published some new videos as well as the photos from Global 2018! Check them out, and feel free to share (we’ll do some social media sharing in coming weeks)

ALL the Global Conference Pics (Since 2013):

SG2018 Recap Video:

SG2018 Directors Video:

SG2018 Sponsors Video:

SG2018 Startups Video:

See you super soon!


Derek, G, Candace, Bruce, Jan, Jelle