Can Startup Grind HQ suggest me speakers?

Yes, Startup Grind HQ team can provide you with a suggested list of speakers. The list is compiled of speakers who were either hosted in one of our events before, or they are suggested by our partners and other community members. In the HQ speaker pipeline you may find speakers in your region who will be able to speak in one of your chapter's in-person events, however; almost all of them might be able in talk in your virtual events. 

You can get access to a suggested speaker details by following the below steps:

  1. Get access Suggested Speaker List by browsing the following link
  2. Review the suggested speaker list, and once you found your ideal speakers, include them in your own speaker pipeline
  3. Request Startup Grind HQ for contact details of the speaker through following form

Once HQ receives your request, we will send you the contact details of the requested speaker, and from there on you will communicate with the speaker