JUN 2018: #SGEurope-Wrapup + #YearPlan + #ArtWork


#ArtWork #SGParty


That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who attended, and who made #SGEurope a great success. SAVE THE DATE for next year, June 2019 in London. We’d like to get some feedback the directors who attended. Please go to https://goo.gl/forms/n08TfQ4DzDEVHwwq2 and fill out this quick form - submissions are anonymous, so your candid feedback would be appreciated.

You can relive the moment because, all the pictures and videos are online for you to access. We are working on a strategy to get all the content onto social media, so don’t forget to engage on the posts ;)

You can find the the pictures/videos here: https://bit.ly/2MrgVbp


There are 4 important themes coming up

  • July = MidYear Party Month - (More info + Art Assets lower in this email)
  • August = #BlockChain Month - (More info + Art Assets lower in this email)
  • October = #SG300 - We want to host 300 events in one month!
  • November = GEW Week - Please try to host your event within the Global Entrepreneurship Week which is from 12th - 17th Nov 2019

Planning even further, then see our entire “Game Plan” here:


Eugenia and the team spend hours creating amazing graphics, please do use them for your events. As per Michelle’s Request… here are some other cool art pieces you can use in newsletters or social media etc.

Our Values (With GIF): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_EvnoWqOmQMv1zNRSIGFPpCYdtWPFkow?usp=sharing

#SGParty in July + Art Assets

July is traditionally the month where we bring this amazing community together in huge networking events (as many are away on holiday in the North, so bring those not travelling together).

They can be free (or paid) and with (or without) a speaker - but one thing is for sure - they come with awesome custom art assets created by HQ:


Please make sure you publish your July events, it’s an excellent opportunity to grow your lists + attract new people and have some serious fun with your local startup community!

p.s. - Yes, you may use these graphics in other months, should you have other parties.


Remember that August is "All Things Blockchain" month at SG! So please ensure to get a crypto/blockchain speaker lined up for that month!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are thinking of advertising your event, please DO NOT use the words Crypto or ICO - Google, Microsoft and Facebook block those words!! (so if you can use “blockchain” instead of “Crypto” speaker in your event listings… please do so!)

Art Assets - Yip, you guessed it…. some more amazing designs from the incredible mind of Eugenia!

Massive thanks to Michael Gasiorek who has provided us with a list of amazing Crypto Speakers for you - in the list below!

Blockchain VIP list, in 4 tabs:


  1. The best blockchain founders, including locations and emails.
  2. Blockchain Influencers pulled mostly from Twitter, many with location, but no emails.
  3. Women in blockchain, with LinkedIn addresses. Awesome.
  4. Blockchain YouTube Influencers, with emails.

If you want to talk blockchain, want to understand how to interview a blockchain/crypto founder, or need a moderator - please contact Michael Gasiorek (mgas@startupgrind.com) - he is willing to help out!!


We couldn't be more excited, every year more rockstars in the community show interest in hosting their own Regional Conference. Sharn hosted a Regional Conference in Toronto last April & Pablo in Feb, which were a great successes! Now three more rockstars are in full swing planning their conference.

  • Àlex’s will host his Conference in Barcelona on 13-14 November
  • Hanane will host her Conference in Casablanca on 28-29 November
  • Chris is planning to have his Conference in Melbourne on 6-7 December
  • Pablo is planning to have his Conference in Mexico next year (his 3rd event!)

We highly recommend you join all of them ;) or pick the one which is the closest to you. Make sure to show some love and support via social media - even if you can’t attend!

If you wish to host one, please apply here (need to be hosting great events for over a year to qualify): https://help.startupgrind.com/category/219-regional-conferences


It is happening! Announced at the Directors Day in London, yes, there will be a T-Shirt Contest for Global 2019! As you know Startup Grind HQ has a couple of Award Winning T-Shirts in our repertoire.

But this year it is up to you, so get together with your community and design a T-shirt that you would like to find in your Swagbag at the Global Conference in 2019!

Of course, there will be a great prize for the Winning Chapter. We will announce how you can participate as well as what this amazing prize will be next month (Keep an eye on your emails and slack - but start visualizing!)

p.s. if anyone has a tool for managing a t-shirt competition, please contact G :)


Ghostwriter for Oracle - request from Karlie Valine, Startup Grind CMO
We are looking for a great writer interested in taking on a side job as a ghostwriter (i.e. writing for someone else) for our long-time partners, Oracle. You’ll be working very closely with one of the top executives at Oracle and topics will include startups, scaleups, tech, global entrepreneurship, and more. If you think you have what it takes and feel comfortable working closely with a high-level Startup Grind partner - please apply here: https://airtable.com/shr5KQ2nYWrEdw4oD. Job starts immediately, pay based on experience with potential for month-to-month or full year contract paid by Startup Grind.

Community Manager, Bevy
One of Bevy’s new clients is looking for a community manager. Someone that understands how important it is to foster a community and can take their community to the next level. The team is fully remote, so is an excellent opportunity to work for a funded startup (HQ in San Francisco).


We're looking for an Airline Alliance partner
One of the suggestions at the Startup Grind Nations Symposium in London was to see if we could find an airline partner, specifically an Airline Alliance partner, to help with flight costs for Startup Grind Directors. We would like to broker a deal for the Global Conference where we can hopefully negotiate either complimentary ticket vouchers and/or discounted flights.

Could ALL DIRECTORS/CO-DIRECTORS/TEAM MEMBERS that have attended the Global Conference please complete the following spreadsheet. It will take less than 2 minutes to complete, but will help in collating data for the Airline Alliance Partnership proposal:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LMQ7lguUzPHs28Dvce6rLX-P5pnqz93TAFwxtKkHeq8/edit?usp=sharing
Additionally, if anyone has relationships with Airline or Airline Alliance Executives please reach out to Phin (phin@startupgrind.com).


Derek, G, Candace, Bruce, Jan, Jelle