OCT 2018: #NewArtAssets + #GEW + #Global2019


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We delayed the October newsletter to make sure we get all the important info in. Let’s just say that November is a bumper month! We have a new logo, new directors summit portal, new program on offer at global, new regional conferences, new partnerships, new chapters - but luckily still have the same values and same CEO :)

There’s a lot of info crammed into the text below, so please do make time to get through it all so that you do not miss out!


As some of you spotted before the announcement, Startup Grind has a fresh new look!

Derek sent a truly amazing email all about it. If you did not receive it, please read it here: Derek’s Message (and please let your community manager know, so that we can solve that problem).

What does this mean for you?

  1. You do not need to change your printed collateral, but if you want to upgrade, then we highly recommend it.
  2. HERE is the newly updated Brand Kit - you’ll find everything you need in there (excepting localised logo’s) - and of course you can find ALL Art Assets HERE.
  3. If you have access to a designer or Adobe Illustrator, feel free to update the designs on the Brand Board to include your local chapters name.
  4. If you do not have access to the above, then please be patient, we are furiously working on a script to create all the art assets and update your Google Drive folders with the new localised logos.

You can go HERE to update your email signature.


This year we have partnered with Global Entrepreneurship Week, which takes place between 12 - 18 November. Please host your November event within that week. Why should you host during this week? All of our events will be included on the GEW website and newsletters thus it will open up a new audience for your chapter and help build our new relationship with GEW.

To get started:

  1. Please add all your events to the official GEW website: https://genglobal.org/start.
  2. Please use the the great art assets that Ginny has created for you before and during the event: https://docs.google.com/presentation/u/0/?ftv=1&tgif=d.

See details on how to do all of this here: https://help.startupgrind.com/article/438-global-entrepreneurship-week.


We’re excited to announce that we have opened the registration for all Directors and Co-Directors to get their tickets for the Global Conference. Over the next 24-48 hours, you should be receiving an email with the title “[#SGGLOBAL] - Please Fill In This Form”. In this email you will find an invitation with a survey that you need to fill out. Please fill it out whether you are coming or not.

Besides the two tickets each Chapter receives for their Director & Co-Director, you will have the opportunity to give away additional tickets - please go to our newly launched Global Conference and Directors Summit website for more info: http://global.startupgrind.com.

Global Conference & Directors Summit Internal Website

We have been working furiously on getting ALL the opportunities and information regarding the Global Conference into ONE CENTRAL PLACE for you… our Directors.

We’ve put all the information into this site, and Ginny has spruced it up to be awesome! We have so many things going on, that it’s quite a lot to take in. Please read through all the pages and choose the things that you’d like to get involved with and be the hero in.

For those that want to start planning your trip to Silicon Valley and keep up to date with all the latest info - then this site is also for you: http://global.startupgrind.com.

So just to summarise all the things regarding Global Conference 2019:

  • You will get invite to update your info, but also RSVP for Global Conference.
  • Directors Summit Registration is open, go to http://global.startupgrind.com to see more details.
  • We’ve launched several programs + a really cool T-Shirt Competition!!! - see all details at http://global.startupgrind.com.


We have already spoiled the big announcement during the office hours calls, but we are planning on doing an AMA with Derek on Reddit on Thursday, 29 November (click here to add to your calendar). For all of you this is a great time to get to know Derek, CEO of Startup Grind, and have an hour in which you can ask him all the questions you have been dying to ask. When asking inappropriate questions, you better have a good alias set up because we are coming for you ;) 


As most of you are aware, we are on a massive growth journey and by the end of this year we strive to have 600 chapters within our community. Almost on a daily basis we welcome a new Director into our family, which has brought us currently up to 520+ chapters. All of you of are contributing to the success and growth of this family, therefore we want to massively thank you for all the hard work you put in!

In fact, we love what you doing so much, we dedicated this month and wrote THIS article just to say thanks!

We are dedicating a lot of our time to get in the last 80 chapters and we can use your help to reach the target. If you know a great person that should be added to the family have him/her apply to become a Director.

This month we will also do two webinars on (20 November & 4 December) on what it takes to start a Startup Grind chapter in your city. Please help us drive awareness of these events by sharing this link with your networks and on social media. 


November is such an exciting month, with two regional conferences taking place (and another one in December).

Alex will kick off with the second edition of his regional conference in Barcelona on 13 & 14 November, many Directors will be attending, as well as Jelle (Community Manager for Europe/Middle East) will be there representing HQ. Make sure to connect with each other and help Alex where needed!

On 28 November, Hanane is hosting her regional conference in Casablanca. Please help us to spread the word and if you have the opportunity to attend you most certainly should! Hanane has hosted a similar conference last year which was greatly received and so this year the bar will be even higher.

Just before the holidays, Chris will be having helicopters, sneakers and amazing speakers at his conference in Melbourne, Australia on 6 & 7 December. If you are anywhere near there - or able to make the trip - then it will definitely be worth your while as Chris is really going full steam ahead to put on a big show.

Make sure to support Alex, Hanane & Chris as much as you can whether it be attending or spreading the word via your social channels. Every bit of love sent their way makes a difference!


Besides our own conferences, a few of you connected at Web Summit and spent some time with Lindsay - if you have done WebSummit and are going to do Alex’s conference, please join the WhatsApp group here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FsVcbVpuBFSEmbozonK0Gx


We are truly excited to announce that Phin Mpofu - yes, the very man that we all know and love from Scotland via Zimbabwe, but now back in England (Thames Valley) - is officially part of Startup Grind HQ. He will initially be assisting Jelle and Bruce in Community Management of Africa, Middle East & Europe, but who knows where Phin will land up - he is one person that doesn’t stop and is creating a path towards greatness.

Thanks all, and have a great weekend!

Derek, G, Candace, Bruce, Jelle, Farheen and now Phin!