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Hello Jessica, Daniel & Madeline
May = Women's Month
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We are already halfway through May - feels like the other day we were having fun with 200+ of you at Startup Grind Global - and yes, super excited to meet old and new faces at Startup Grind Europe conference next month in London.

As May brings about season changes in all hemisphere’s - it also brings about changes within Startup Grind. Team Changes + Onboarding Changes + More Upcoming Changes to name but a few. This newsletter covers some of the immediate/upcoming changes, but do keep your eye out each month for these Directors Newsletter’s to get the latest info.

You can also find ALL past newsletters here: which include hot tips, tricks and cool info to help you run a successful chapter.


It’s time to CONNECT with other directors at Startup Grind Europe Conference held in London. This is the 4th time we are hosting this event and we even have 100 startups that will be part of our Startup Program.

In addition to the main conference day on the 6th June, we’ll also have an exclusive Directors only event on the 5th June from 1pm - 5pm. Please view details of the Agenda, including the 2 special guest speakers on the day at

Remember you can gift up to 5 complimentary tickets to people in your community. Use it as an opportunity to thank your speakers or reward regular attendees to your events or promote your upcoming events.

Here's the MAGIC link:

Please do NOT share on social media

If you have not yet registered for your complimentary ticket, you can do so HERE


As Startup Grind HQ grows and changes, more things need to be done.

Sales Team
Many of you know Candace Delmange-Rouge - who managed America’s, LATAM and Canada within the Community Team as well as Jelle Kajim - who managed parts of Europe, EMEA and for a few months LATAM. They are transitioning into the newly formed Sales Team (STeam), and will be taking on a more focused sales and partnership role with Karlie and Lindsay.

New Community Team Members
We are super excited to announce that Madeline Ulivieri (Chicago) and Daniel Reilly (Glasgow) are joining the Community Team full time! 

Madeline will be taking over from Candace and Daniel will be taking on some of Jelle’s role, but also take on more needed systems support and development as we scale our internal systems more. Jessica Aldrich (Wichita State Uni) will be joining as an intern for the next 3 months as well - super massive welcome to them!

Being a Community Manager is super fun - working remotely and working with amazing Directors, but it’s also loads of long hours and hard work. Phin can tell you all about it, when he transitioned from Chapter Director to working full time for HQ - he had no idea how much background work was at play to make things seem seamless and effortless.

We are extremely excited to also announce that Bruce Lunnis and Phin Mpofu have both been promoted to the Senior Community Manager level.


May is always Female Founders Month - known as #SGWomen Month.

It started in 2014 when Google did a massive campaign to get 40 of their partners (we being one of their partners) to host and feature female founders around the world - it was known as the “#40Forward” Campain. We loved the idea so much, we decided to do it every year - and as such this is the 5th year of #SGWomen. So far this year we have 120 listed events (last year we had 100 events, so well done Team SG).

If you haven’t done your event yet - please join us, and get a Female Founder onto your stage by 31st May 2019. If your event falls between 1 - 31 May - you will be featured on our #SGWomen page here:

If your event is NOT on the above page, PLEASE let us know!!


Next Official Theme ... PARTY TIME!!!

FYI - here's all the events planned for 2019

Every July, we celebrate the Summer (or winter in Southern Hemisphere). If you want to see amazing party ideas simply ping @Shahar Matorin (Israel) for some amazing ideas, as he gets 1500+ people to his events each year!

---Check out this video for lots of Party event tips n tricks---

The Summer / Winter Party Art Assets designed by the talented Eugenia Digón are available in your Google Slides Template. Parties are a great way to bring your entire community together to celebrate your ecosystem. Chapters including Tel Aviv and Cape Town have hosted parties with nearly 1,000 people in attendance.

Both Winter AND Summer Parties are found in the "summer party templates", as you can see, there are 4 to choose from - get them HERE
(While logged into SG Email Account, else link will not work.)

On another note: If you can, please host your Summer Party Event on the 17th July. This date is the official launch of our 2020 Global Conference!
Therefore, Summer Party (or Winter Party) = SG2020 Launch Party


When promoting your events - please ensure that you always use official graphics.

To get even more exposure, there are 2 great tricks that always help:

  1. Ask your speaker to introduce you to their Marketing Manager - then ask them to please share the fact that their speaker is speaking and explain that it’s a great way to market their brand (How their speaker is helping entrepreneurs etc. etc. - create a great story). While getting to know them - ask them to ONLY use official graphics and send them here: or here:
  2. Ask your speaker to send out a few tweets and supply them with some template wordings + give them some great graphics that you have created in Google Slides Templates or other resources found here:


2 Overlooked Features:

1.) Adding Context to your Chapter

Add context about your chapter in the chapter page by writing an “about” section. If you already have an “about” paragraph - now you can make it Bold, or Italic with “rich text” support. Simply highlight the text, to bring up the options.

Here’s a screenshot:

2.) Add photo's to CHAPTER page (note, not "event page")

As you know, you can add photo's + your video from YouTube to your EVENTS page (to make it look like this: but for the past year, you've also been able to add images to your CHAPTER page as well.

So, while wrapping up your events and adding pics, go over to your CHAPTER page (found in settings) and please add some pictures to your Chapter Page by going to “settings” -> “Photos”.

Here’s Screenshot:


Please add your Video’s to our official YouTube Local Channel. Please DO NOT upload them to any other personal channels.

How you log into YouTube is also different now - please ensure to get access from your Community Manager (email your CM on

Once your Video is uploaded, please insert it into the “wrap-up” section once the event is completed. While you are there - please add some great pictures from the event as well. This makes your past event pages rich with content and shows a vibrant community - which helps grow your chapter and secure sponsors etc.

P.S. Ever wondered why we use ford@sg... or "who is ford"? - follow this link to learn why


Speaking of connecting - we have a really awesome Slack Channel that you can invite ANYONE to - yes… anyone in the world. It’s a place where we can connect as a truly GLOBAL community. Join the conversations here:

G, Phin, Bruce, Farheen, Madeline, Daniel, Jessica