Lesson #7: SG Tools

Chapter Dashboard

You have a very handy dashboard available where you will manage your chapter.  Think of it like command central - your place to go to run your chapter.  Through your dashboard you can publish events, manage featured attendees, ticket types and waitlists.  You can send newsletters and other emails to your audience.  You can update settings like your chapter image, video and social media accounts.  You can also manage sponsors and partners, and invoice sponsors.  Last but not least, you can see all kinds of analytics.

Key How-To’s

As you run your chapter you can always find the latest tips, tricks and training at https://help.startupgrind.com.  Here are a few key articles you’ll find handy as you launch your chapter:

  1. How do I edit my chapter settings?
  2. How do I create a newsletter?
  3. Setting up event on the dashboard: Descriptions + Magic Button
  4. How should I set up my tickets?
  5. How do I create Ticket Discounts?
  6. How do I wrap up the event?
  7. How do I invoice Startup Grind for my event payment?
  8. How do I invoice my sponsors?
  9. What automated emails are being sent out?

Please read over each of those articles and watch the associated videos so you get a sense of how to use the tools to launch and manage your chapter. 

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