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  • #Speakers Slack Channel

    This is the #SPEAKER channel, which is found in the directors slack group. It is dedicated to helping you find speakers! If you click on that link, and unable to access it, please contact ford@startup

  • Lesson #2: Speakers

    Speakers Pull A Crowd People constantly ask us what the secret to hosting awesome sold out events is. They always expect us to answer with “If you send $200 worth of Adwords before the event you will

  • How do I approach speakers?

    IN THIS ARTICLE Speaker Request Template Speaker Confirmation Email Speaker Management Template People constantly ask us what the secret to hosting awesome sold out events is. They always expect us

  • Can Startup Grind HQ suggest me speakers?

    Yes, Startup Grind HQ team can provide you with a suggested list of speakers. The list is compiled of speakers who were either hosted in one of our events before, or they are suggested by our

  • What type of speakers do we usually invite?

    This really depends on your local community. Focus on what content they will like and benefit from the most. In general, we invite founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs (or other C-level executives), VCs etc.

  • Do we pay speakers to speak? Do we cover their speaker fee?

    No, we don't. Never. Even the most successful entrepreneurs in the world (like co-founder of Whatsapp) speak at our stages for free. Why? We do it for the community. We want to educate, inspire and co

  • Speaker Pipeline

    In order to get great speakers, you need to have a plan. Start small, with easy speakers, easy to reach, easy to get onto stage Build your confidence as an interviewer, and also how you ask speakers

  • How can I get a really extraordinary speaker?

    If you’ve always wanted to have a conversation with Richard Branson or Elon Musk in person, you wouldn’t be the only one. Marian, the London Director, made a commitment to himself when founding the Lo

  • When should the speaker arrive at the event?

    Ideally a guest will arrive 20-30 minutes early. This is so that they can get mic'd, you can catch up with them quickly, they can meet a few attendees, and maybe grab some food.

  • Regional Conferences | Timelines and Milestones

    Did you get approved to host a Regional Conference?  Awesome!  This list is your new best friend. : ) TIMELINES AND MILESTONES These milestones will give you guidance and will hold you accountable at

  • What if I have a great idea for a panel or workshop or keynote talk? Can I host it?

    No, we don't do panels, workshops or keynotes. PANELS: More speakers does not mean more tickets. More speakers does not even mean better perspectives. Get one speaker (or 2 founders) and dive really

  • Summits | Terms + Application Info

    Introduction Hosting a Summit is a big undertaking. It is taking your typical fireside chat to the next level and hosting a longer half day or multi day event with multiple speakers. We are excited

  • Summit Requirements

    Summit Application | Terms + Application Info Introduction Hosting a Summit is a big undertaking. It is taking your typical fireside chat to the next level and hosting a longer half day or multi day

  • Regional Conferences | Terms + Application Info

    TERMS Hosting a regional conference is a major undertaking. We are excited that you are interested in this opportunity but first need to ensure you understand how it works. Read on for our terms and

  • Lesson #1: Startup Grind Values

    Key To Our Success Along with our world class directors, our values are what enable us to build strong communities in hundreds of cities around the world.  We believe that our values are what have bro

  • How to Use Bevy Virtual + Livestream

    You are now able to join a bevy Virtual event 60 mins before event starts. We have two new event types that allow you to stream your event virtually onto 4 different streaming services. We'll show

  • Cross-promoting events between Chapters

    This guide will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to cross promote events across multiple Chapters. Please watch this video to show step by step Introduction With the introduction of

  • Welcome To The Startup Grind Directors Manual

    Welcome To Startup Grind! Now that you are approved to launch a chapter in your city it’s time to get busy.  Everything you need to know about hosting an event is available between this training and t

  • AUG 2017: Sponsorships + BCN Summit + Getting Featured

    Photo Credit: Startup Grind Ancona Mid-Year Party at a great summer venue with a pool! 1. Sponsorships for Startup Grind Global Conference 2018 Have you got any sponsor who might be interested in part

  • JUL 2017: Most Attendees Ever In 1 Month!

    Photo: Startup Grind Hong Kong Hosted Gary Vee in July - the event was sold out! Watch the video Most Attendees Ever! Each month we break one more record with your help. Your amazing work has been pay

  • Office Hours: Watch the Videos - 2017

    Below are the Office Hours videos that have been recorded. This is a gold mine for ideas, training, tips & tricks and info - please read the "in this video" section, and click on the time stamp to be

  • What about multiple founders on the same stage?

    That's fine. Sometimes the founders like to tell the story together and other times not. Our system currently lets you add 2 speakers exactly for this reason. Another scenario in which you may

  • Do I have to film my events?

    We love it when you film events - so please do... But, no - you do not have to.  You are free to film all, some or none. Many chapters will offer the video as a selling point when asking a speaker to

  • JUN 2019 | July Summer/Winter Parties + SG Global 2020 Launch

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #SGEurope - Wrap up + Pictures and Videos #JulySummerWinterParty - July is Party Time + Global 2020 Launch #SGWomenRecap - Another fantastic #SGWomen Month

  • Setting up event on the dashboard: Descriptions + Magic Button

    When creating an event, there are 5 places to insert content: Event Title Short EVENT Description Long EVENT Description Event Image Short BIO Description Long BIO Description Title Create witty and e

  • Can I distribute the videos in other places besides the Startup Grind official YouTube channel?

    No - with a few exceptions that HQ would need to approve. Having the same video on YouTube 5-times kills the SEO and ruins the destination sites we've created for the event pages. Other reasons not to

  • JUN 2017: #SGParty + Artwork Galore!

    It’s Party Time! July is the month that Startup Grind brings the community together in a unique opportunity to have some’s time for the mid-year party! You are strongly encouraged to host net

  • DEI Newsletter | June 2020

    Startup Grind Steering Committee Newsletter - June 2020 Who Are We? After the 2019 Global Conference, Startup Grind HQ formed the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee (DEI). The DEI

  • How To: Join & Use SG Slack Channel

    This HOW TO will walk you through Slack, how to join & use, as well as etiquette in the Slack Channel. Please go HERE to view the FULL PDF on how to setup Slack | Prefer to watch? Go HERE Step 1 -

  • Why Startup Grind works with people and not entities

    We often get asked "why does Startup Grind work with individuals rather than with organizations?"or "can we run a Startup Grind chapter through our organization?". The answer is simple. Like many

  • How To - Navigate Startup Grind Dashboard

    This HOW TO will walk you through the entire Startup Grind Dashboard, which you will be using to manage your events, tickets & sponsors etc. Feel free to view the video, or read the document, the

  • Cohort Weekly Calls H2-2021

    Tuesdays: Dates: September 14, September 21, September 28, October 5, October 12, October 19 Time: 08 AM PDT (GMT-7) | 4 PM BST (GMT+1) | 11 PM GMT+8) Format: Video Conference | Bevy Virtual

  • How do I build an awesome team of volunteers that can help with the event?

    Inviting inspiring speakers, awesome interviews, and cool sponsors all help towards making a great Startup Grind chapter. Having all of these run smoothly without volunteers or team members can get

  • Global 2018 - Director Awards

    Award Director(s) Description Director of the year award Brian Park Best overall director (Ticket Sales, Speakers, Sponsorships, etc) Lifetime Acheivers Award Chris Joannou Over 5 years in Startup Gri

  • Office Hours: Watch the Videos - 2018

    Below are the Office Hours videos that have been recorded. This is a gold mine for ideas, training, tips & tricks and info - please read the "in this video" section, and click on the time stamp to be

  • What should I do on social media between events?

    Here’s an outline of good practice to be used between events: 1 post/day @ FB 3pm on weekdays 8pm on weekends Sunday night = Super Post Boost post for $20 - direct link to Ticket Sales (Your event

  • FEB 2018: The Time of Our Lives - THANK YOU!

    Note from Derek: Massive thank you to everyone for the effort to get to the Bay Area for the global event a few weeks ago. People sacrifice a lot to get here each February and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

  • How to Localize Chapter Dashboard

    We are excited to announce that bevy has introduced a localized feature on the chapter dashboard. This feature will create an end to end localized experience for you and your chapter members. The

  • Troubleshooting in Bevy Virtual

    We recommend you use Google Chrome. Safari, Firefox and Edge are supported as well but Chrome seems to perform best. Audio troubleshooting If you are not able to hear the session, try refreshing the

  • Where I Went Wrong

    Below is a personal article G wrote after his second event ever (back in 2013). Back then we were on Basecamp - and all the directors would chat in there - like we do now in Slack - only that we

  • Lesson #5: Your Team

    Building an Awesome Team Inviting inspiring speakers, conducting interesting interviews, and working with cool sponsors all help make a great Startup Grind chapter. But, it's having a small team

  • APR 2017: SG Europe, Dashboard Releases, Help is at Hand + Much More!

    Photo credit: Startup Grind Chengdu (China) - Photo taken by our very own Community Manager in Asia - @Jan! Startup Grind Europe is coming up! We're excited to be launching the Country Program at Star

  • GFS | Google for Startups (G4S / GFS) - What Is It?

    Google for Startups is a dedicated division within Google that support the top tech hubs, Incubator programs and Startup Initiatives (like Startup Grind) who in turn help and impact the most amount of

  • MAY 2019 | Level Up Your Chapter + SG Women + Event Promotion + July Party Assets

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #SGEurope 2019 All info + 2 week countdown #TeamChanges Hello Jessica, Daniel & Madeline #SGWomen May = Women's Month #PartyArtAssets July Party - here's your Art A

  • What value do parties bring?

    Besides being easier to host there are a lot of great perks that came out of hosting these parties. A few of them are: New faces: People who might not be open paying for our monthly events can see fir

  • Workshop Tips and Tricks

    So, You Want to Host a Stellar Workshop? We’ve worked with many of our longstanding active directors to pull their best practices for hosting a workshop. We hope their experiences and insights can hel

  • Racism and racial inequality = a global pandemic requiring all our help

    Startup Grind Directors, On May 25th, a black American man named George Floyd was detained by police in Minneapolis Minnesota in the USA. After being handcuffed, he was subsequently put face down on

  • JUN 2020 | Diversity + #SGWomen Month + Startup Opportunity + ...

    #BlackLivesMatter Startup Grind, both the company and the people we represent -- our employees, startups, Chapter Directors, sponsors, speakers, attendees -- must hold themselves to the highest

  • DEC 2018: #Global2019 + #StartupProgram + #YearEndParty

    IN THIS NEWSLETTER #Webinar1000 - Help us spread the word, let’s hit our 600 Chapter Goal! #GoogleForStartups - Share some great stories from your chapter #Global2019 - Tshirt Competition + Free TIcke

  • AUG 2019 | Product + Engineering Theme Artwork + Regional Conferences

    Important Topics In This Newsletter #Product+EngineeringMonth - Oct 2019 - Heroku Product & Engineering Month #SocialMediaDeets - Do we have your Chapters social media details? #Workshop Month- Sept